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Disaster-Property Tax Relief Request Form
If your property has been damaged or destroyed as a result of the recent disaster, you may be eligible to receive some property tax relief on this year's property taxes, as well as property taxes payable next year. The type of tax relief you could receive will depend on whether your property is homesteaded, whether it is located within a declared disaster or emergency area, the amount of damage sustained, and a number of other factors. Please use the following form, or call (218) 726-2304, to request that a County Assessor view the damage for the purpose of receiving disaster relief. If you have photos of the damage to your structures, please e-mail them to Please identify the photos with your parcel ID number and name. These will be forwarded to the assessors. Disaster-Property Tax-Relief Fact Sheet 

Complete this form below. This will ensure that the County Assessors and County Emergency Operations Center has a full and complete list of damaged properties. 

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