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100 N 5th Ave W
Duluth, MN  55802

Info: 218-726-2450
Fax:  218-726-2469
Email: administration@stlouiscountymn.gov

Kevin Gray County Administrator grayk@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2448
Gary Eckenberg  Deputy Administrator/
Governance & Policy
eckenbergg@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2447
Linnea Mirsch Deputy Administrator/
Operations & Budget
mirschl@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-733-2747
John Ongaro Intergovernmental Relations Director  ongaroj@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2455 
Dana Kazel Communications Manager kazeld@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5049 
BreAnn Graber Budget and Business Improvement Manager graberb@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2457
Administration departments/divisions     
Patricia Swedberg County Extension Administrator swedbergp@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-733-2879
Jeremy Craker Information 
Technology Director 
crakerj@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2333 
Tony Mancuso  Property Management Director mancusot@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5085 
Joe Austin Safety & Risk Manager  austinj@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2139 
Sherry Rodriguez County Veterans Service Officer rodriguezs@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5285 
Donna Viskoe Procurement Manager (Purchasing) viskoed@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2667 

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Duluth Office
212 Courthouse
100 N 5th Ave W
Duluth  MN  55802-1291

Info:  218-726-2304
Fax:  218-725-5053
Email: JohnsonT3@stlouiscountymn.gov

Dave Sipila
County Assessor
sipilad@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-471-7276
Cory Leinwander Assistant County Assessor 
LeinwanderC@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2307
Terry Johnson
Assistant County Assessor
Lana Anderson
Information Specialist Supervisor
TJ Birman Information Specialist
BirmanT@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2305
Mike Busick
Principal Appraiser BusickM@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2903
Jeanette Boynton
Information Specialist
Bemen Carlson
Principal Appraiser CarlsonB@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2905
Frank Carver Real Estate Appraiser CarverF@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2157
Dave Christensen
Real Estate Appraiser
Bill Downs Real Estate Appraiser DownsB@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2904
Lora Dugas Information Specialist DugasL@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2306
Margaret Dunsmore
Information Specialist
Teri Eicher Information Specialist EicherT@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2884
Ben Hansen Real Estate Appraiser HansenB@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2102
Christina Johnson Real Estate Appraiser Johnsonc@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2868
Roy Levitt Real Estate Appraiser LevittR@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2700
Noah Mittlefehldt
Principal Appraiser MittlefehldtN@stlouiscountymn.gov
Colin Payton Real Estate Appraiser PaytonC@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2067
Anne Sims Real Estate Appraiser SimsA@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2303
Bruce Sodahl Real Estate Appraiser SodahlB@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2916
Mat Solberg Real Estate Appraiser SolbergM@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5197
Scott Sutherland
Principal Appraiser SutherlandS2@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2902
Amy Wicklund Real Estate Appraiser WicklundA@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5198
Sean Worthington Real Estate Appraiser WorthingtonS@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2095

Virginia Office
Northland Office Center
307 1st St S #2R
Virginia  MN  55792
Info:  218-749-7147
Fax:   218-749-0696
Email: sipilad@stlouiscountymn.gov
Dave Sipila County Assessor sipilad@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-471-7276
Tom Carlson Real Estate Appraiser carlsont@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2301
Sue Carvelli
Information Specialist CarvelliS@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-471-7147
Paul Cherry Real Estate Appraiser CherryP@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-471-7273
Mason Couvier Real Estate Appraiser
CouvierM@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-471-7278
Beth Davies Real Estate Appraiser DaviesB@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-471-7734
Carol Doty
Information Specialist
Jake Fronden Real Estate Appraiser FrondenJ@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-471-7275
Brian Grahek Principal Appraiser GrahekB@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-471-7733
Joel Kreiner Real Estate Appraiser KreinerJ@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-471-7277
Patrick Orent Principal Appraiser OrentP@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-262-6087
Beth Sokoloski Real Estate Appraiser SokoloskiB@stlouiscountymn.gov

Ely Office
SLC Service Center
320 Miners Drive E #105
Ely  MN  55731-1061
Info:  218-365-8206
Fax:   218-365-8207
Email: thomasb1@stlouiscountymn.gov
Ben Thomas
Assistant County Assessor
thomasb1@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-365-8206
Andrew Olson Real Estate Appraiser OlsonA3@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-365-8208
David Hillstrom
Real Estate Appraiser HillstromD@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-365-8235
Hibbing Office
City Hall
401 E 21st St
Hibbing  MN  55746
Info:  218-262-6089
Email: LafreniereR@stlouiscountymn.gov

Rodella LaFreniere Principal Appraiser LafreniereR@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-262-6087
Shannon Cairns  Real Estate Appraiser CairnsS@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-262-6078
Kari Kilen Assessor Clerk KilenK@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-262-6089
Chris Link Real Estate Appraiser
LinkC@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-262-6088
Tim Marolt Real Estate Appraiser
MaroltT@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-262-6079

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100 N 5th Ave W
Duluth, MN  55802

Info:  218-726-2380
Fax:  218-725-5060

Tax Division    
Brandon Larson Tax Division Manager larsonb@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2383

Clerk of the Board/Elections
Phil Chapman Clerk of the Board/Director
of Elections
chapmanp@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2385 
  Board Records   218-726-2385
  Election Administration   218-726-2385  
  Licensing-Liquor, Tobacco, Misc.   218-726-2385
Service Center      
Ben Martin Director of Licensing martinb@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-279-2520
Licensing-Motor Vehicle, DNR, Drivers License, Passports   218-279-2520

Cristen Christensen Finance Director christensenc@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2151
  Payroll   218-726-2393
  Accounts Payable    218-726-2407
  Accounts Receivable    218-725-5112 
Cindy Palm Financial Analyst palmc@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-7104
Internal Audit       
Halene Wehseler  Internal Auditor wehselerh@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2701
Donald Dicklich Auditor-Treasurer  dicklichd@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2380
Nancy Nilsen Chief Deputy  nilsenn@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2380

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County Attorney
100 N 5th Ave W
Duluth, MN  55802

Info:  218-726-2323
Fax:   218-726-2332
Email: countyattorney@stlouiscountymn.gov

Mark S. Rubin County Attorney countyattorney@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2323
Gary W. Bjorklund Criminal Division Head bjorklundg@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2323
Kimberly J. Maki Civil Division Head makik@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2323
Benjamin M. Stromberg Public Health & Human Services Division Head
Wade L. Backstrom Office Administrator backstromw@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2323
Patty G. Wheeler Director of Victim/Witness wheelerp2@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2323

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County Board
100 N 5th Ave W - Room 202
Duluth, MN  55802

Info: 218-726-2450
Fax: 218-726-2469

Frank Jewell
1st District 
County Commissioner   jewellf@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2450
Patrick Boyle
2nd District
County Commissioner  boylep@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2359
Chris Dahlberg
3rd District
County Commissioner dahlbergc@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2562 
Pete Stauber
5th District
County Commissioner stauberp@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2450 
Tom Rukavina
4th District  
County Commissioner
320 Miners Drive E
Ely, MN  55731  
rukavinat@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-365-8200 
Keith Nelson
6th District 
County Commissioner
300 South 5th Av
Virginia, MN  55792 
nelsonk@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-749-7108 
Steve Raukar
7th District 
County Commissioner
1812 12th Av E
Hibbing, MN  55746 
raukars@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-262-0201 
Contact all Commissioners      

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Environmental Services
307 First St S
Suite 115
Virginia, MN 55792

Duluth Area Septic Permits
Government Services Center
320 W 2nd St. Suite 301
Duluth, MN  55802

e-mail: esdinfo@stlouiscountymn.gov

Info:     218-749-0625
            FAX 218-749-0650 
Duluth: 218-725-5200
            FAX 218-725-5029
Solid Waste
Info:     218-749-9703
Toll-free: 800-450-9278
            FAX 218-749-0650
Click here for solid waste disposal site information.

Mark St. Lawrence                      Director stlawrencem@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-0647
David Fink

Environmental Program Administrator
finkd2@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9537
Karen Bruun  Information Specialist III  bruunk@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-0625
Diane Hildreth Information Specialist II hildrethd@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-749-9703
Kimberly Seguin
Information Specialist II
Gail Kupferschmidt  Information Specialist II  kupferschmidtg@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-0679 
Kimberly Seguin
Information Specialist II
Cheryl Sharp

Information Specialist II  sharpc@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-749-0641 

Solid Waste

John Strukel Solid Waste Operations Supervisor   strukelj2@stlouiscountymn.gov     218-742-9532 
Chip Lewis Hazardous Waste Spec
lewisc@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-741-8831
Mary McReynolds   
Planner II mcreynoldsm@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-749-0648 
Steve Pellinen

Planner Tech pellinens@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-0632
Jeff Crosby Environmental Health Specialist  crosbyj@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5251
Ed Kerzinski     Environmental Health Specialist     kerzinskie@stlouiscountymn.gov   218-725-5249
John Lindquist  Environmental Health Specialist  lindquistj@stlouiscountymn.gov   218-365-8222
Donna O'Connor Environmental Health Specialist  oconnord@stlouiscountymn.gov   218-749-0630     

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Extension Service

Duluth Office:
AP Cook Building
2503 Rice Lake Road
Duluth, MN  55811

Info:  218-733-2870
Fax:  218-733-2888
Email:  Duluth Extension Office

Virginia Office:
307 1st St S - Room 105 
Virginia, MN  55792
Info: 218-749-7120
Fax: 218-749-0698
Email: Virginia Extension Office 
Patricia Swedberg         County Extension Administrator swedbergp@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2879

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Human Resources
100 N 5th Ave W - Rm 1
Duluth, MN  55802

Info:  218-726-2422
Fax:  218-725-5054
Email: johnsonc4@stlouiscountymn.gov

Jim Gottschald Director gottschaldj@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5066 
Melissa Honkola Assistant Director honkolam@stlouiscountymn.gov   218-725-5068
Recruitment & Assessment    
Christina Hansen    Recruitment Advisor hansenc@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5058
Toni Lonetto Info. Specialist lonettot@stlousiscountymn.gov 218-726-2000 ext 4555 
Sandy Kohn Info. Specialist kohns@stlouiscountymn.gov   218-726-2422 
Beth Menor Benefits Advisor menorb@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5056 

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Information Technology
320 W. Second St. Rm 402
Duluth, MN  55802

Info:  218-726-2047
Fax:  218-725-5078
Email:  DoIT@stlouiscountymn.gov

Jeremy Craker IT Director crakerj@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2333

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Land & Minerals
Duluth Office (Land Commissioner's Office)
320 W 2nd Street - Government Services Center, Suite 302
Duluth, MN  55802

Info:  218-726-2606
Fax:  218-726-2600
Email: landdept@stlouiscountymn.gov

Mark Weber Land Commissioner
weberm@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2606
Mark Reed    Deputy Land Commissioner reedm@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2606
Jason Meyer Deputy Land Commissioner meyerj@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2606 
Tom Zeisler Resource Data Supervisor zeislert@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2606
Pike Lake Area Office
5713 Old Miller Trunk Hwy
Duluth, MN  55811
Mark Pannkuk Area Manager pannkukm@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-625-3700
Virginia Area Office
7820 Highway 135
Virginia, MN  55791
Mark Kailanen    Area Manager kailanenm@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-742-9898

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Law Library
100 N 5th Ave W
Suite 15
Duluth, MN  55802

Info:  218-726-2611
Email:  lawlibrary@stlouiscountymn.gov 

Law Library Attorney - Duluth
Law Library Attorney - Hibbing
Law Library Attorney - Virginia
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Planning & Community Development  

St. Louis County Government Services Center
320 West 2nd Street, Suite 301
Duluth, Minnesota 55802

Info:  218-725-5000
Fax:  218-725-5029
Email: planninginfo@stlouiscountymn.gov

Northland Office Center
307 South 1st Street, Suite 117
Virginia, Minnesota 55792
Info:  218-749-7103
Fax:  218-749-7194
Email: planninginfo@stlouiscountymn.gov

Barbara Hayden Director haydenb@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5008
Darren Jablonsky Deputy Director  jablonskyd@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5011
Angela Lepak Info. Specialist II lepaka@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-7103
Audrey Schoenborn Info. Specialist II schoenborna@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5010
Michelle Setterstrom Info. Specialist II SetterstromM@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-7103
Ryan Logan
Planner I
Land Use      
Mary Anderson Land Use Manager andersonm3@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-0626
Duluth Office      
Mark Johnson Planner II johnsonm@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5003
Virginia Office      
Tyler Lampella Planner II lampellat@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-0627
Mark Lindhorst Planner II lindhorstm@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-0633
Jenny Bourbonais Planner II bourbonaisj@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-0629
Enterprise GIS    
Dave Yapel GIS Manager
yapeld@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5017
Bruce Grohn GIS Principal grohnb@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5002
Molly Martin GIS Principal
martinm@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5004
Jeff Storlie GIS Specialist storliej@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5022
Lea Bergwall GIS Specialist bergwalll@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5024
Roanne Axdahl Planner I axdahlr@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5006
Community Development    
Steve Nelson Planner II nelsonst@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9561
Jenny Bourbonais Planner II bourbonaisj@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-749-0629
Michael Scharenbroich Planner II ScharenbroichM@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5023
Mike Vidmar Community Dev. Rep. vidmarm@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9564

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Property Management
St. Louis County Courthouse
100 N. 5th Ave. W., Rm 515
Duluth, MN  55802

Info:  218-725-5085
Fax:   218-725-5086
Email: propertymanagement@stlouiscountymn.gov

Tony Mancuso Director mancusot@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5085
Jerry Hall Assistant Director hallj@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2406 

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Public Health & Human Services
Government Services Center
320 W 2nd St
Duluth, MN  55802

Info: 218-726-2222 or
(800) 450-9777
Fax: 218-726-2163
Email: phhs@stlouiscountymn.gov

Ann Busche Director buschea@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2096
Shelley Saukko Deputy Director  saukkos@stlouiscountymn.gov     218-726-2210
Mark Nelson Adult Services  nelsonm@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2085
Janet Nilsen  Budget & Finance nilsenj@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2153
Holly Church Children & Family Services  churchh@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5161
Debbie Waldriff  Financial Assistance waldriffd@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2021
Amy Westbrook Public Health  westbrooka@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-725-5267
   (click here for more PHHS contact numbers)

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Public Records & Property Valuation

100 N 5th Ave W
Suite 101

Duluth, MN  55802
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 157
Duluth, MN  55801-0157
Mark A. Monacelli, Director Public Records & Property Valuation monacellim@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-726-2677 
Wendy Levitt     Chief Deputy levittw@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2677
Janet Levinski Torrens Supervisor levinskij@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2107
Darlene Ide Abstract Supervisor ided@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2677
Real Estate Records      
Duluth Courthouse
100 N 5th Ave W #101
Duluth, MN  55802
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. 
Northland Office Center
307 S 1st St #2R
Virginia, MN  55792
8:30-12 noon
1-4:30 p.m.
Notary and Ministry   slcrecorder@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2677
Birth Death and Marriage Records  
Duluth Courthouse
100 N 5th Ave W #101
Duluth, MN  55802
8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Hibbing Courthouse
1810 12th Ave E #100
Hibbing, MN  55746
8-11:30 a.m.
1-4 p.m.
SLC Service Center
320 Miners Drive E
Ely, MN  55731-1061
8-11:30 a.m.
1-4 p.m.
Marriage License Only
Northland Office Center
307 S 1st St #2R
Virginia, MN  55792
8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
2-4 p.m.

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Public Works

Public Works - Administration, Engineering, and Right of Way
Richard H. Hansen Public Works and Transportation Complex
4787 Midway Road
Duluth, MN 55811

Info: 218-625-3830
Fax: 218-625-3888
Email: tesdahls@stlouiscountymn.gov

Public Works - Bridge Division
Central Range Public Works Facility
1425 East 23rd Street
Hibbing, MN 55746

Info: 218-262-0150
Fax: 218-262-0014
Email: hemmilam@stlouiscountymn.gov

Public Works - Land Survey Division
Duluth Office
Richard H. Hansen Public Works and Transportation Complex
4787 Midway Road
Duluth, MN 55811

Info: 218-625-3881
Fax: 218-625-3887
Email: hendershottt@stlouiscountymn.gov


Virginia Office
7823 Highway 135
Virginia, MN 55792

Info: 218-742-9814
Fax: 218-741-7832
Email: stewartn@stlouiscountymn.gov

Jim Foldesi Public Works Director/Highway Engineer foldesij@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3830
Brian Boder Assistant County Highway Engineer boderb@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3836
Peter Eakman Maintenance Engineer eakmanp@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3805
Boyd Johnson Contract Administration Manager johnsonb2@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3834
Paul Kovach Personnel Officer kovachp@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3835
Chad Skelton Fleet Manager skeltonc@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9804
Carol Andrews Environmental Project Manager andrewsc@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3862
Matt Hemmila Principal Engineer - Bridge hemmilam@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-262-0153 
Vic Lund Principal Engineer - Traffic lundv@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3873
Steve Krasaway Principal Engineer - Resident, Duluth krasaways@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3841
Ross Benedict Engineering Tech Principal benedictr@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3842
Rick Kalisch Engineering Tech Principal kalischr@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9881
Lance Robertson Engineering Tech Principal robertsonl@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-262-0269
Steve Ruhanen Engineering Tech Principal ruhanens@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3855
Land Survey
Nick Stewart County Surveyor stewartn@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9823
Preston Dowell Deputy County Surveyor dowellp@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9824
Todd Hendershott Deputy County Surveyor hendershottt@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3882
Maintenance Superintendents
Dale Johnson 4th District Superintendent johnsond7@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-666-5261
Steve Tverberg 5th District Superintendent tverbergs@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3849
Darrel Brodeen 6th District Superintendent brodeend@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9803
Michael Lopac 7th District Superintendent lopacm@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-262-0270
Frank Scouton Bridge Superintendent scoutonf@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3838
Right of Way Agents
Andy Butler Right of Way Agent butlera@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9879
Steve Kniefel Right of Way Agent kniefels@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9828
Andy Plesha Right of Way Agent pleshaa@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-625-3866

Ely Maintenance Facility
2210 East Sheridan Street   Suite 2
Ely, MN 55731

Info: 218-365-2380
Fax: 218-365-2396


Hibbing Maintenance Facility
1425 East 23rd Street
Hibbing, MN 55746

Info: 218-262-0150
Fax: 218-262-0014


Jean Duluth Maintenance Facility
5595 Jean Duluth Road
Duluth, MN 55803

Info: 218-625-3800
Fax: 218-720-1516


Linden Grove Maintenance Facility
11193 Highway 1
Cook, MN 55723

Info: 218-666-5261
Fax: 218-666-5224
Pike Lake/Duluth Maintenance Facility
4787 Midway Road
Duluth, MN 55811
Info: 218-625-3800
Fax: 218-625-3818
Virginia Maintenance Facility
7823 Highway 135
Virginia, MN 55792

Info: 218-742-9800
Fax: 218-741-7832

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Richard H. Hansen Transportation and Public Works Complex
4787 Midway Road
Duluth, MN  55811

Info:  218-726-2666
Email:  PuchasingDivision@stlouiscountymn.gov  

Donna Viskoe Procurement Manager         218-726-2667
Rosie Hagberg      Procurement Specialist  218-726-2665
Kristi Anton Procurement Specialist  218-726-2663

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Safety & Risk Management
2503 Rice Lake Road
Duluth, MN  55811

Info:  218-726-2613
Fax:  218-722-8860
Email: matveyk@stlouiscountymn.gov

Joe Austin Director austinj@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2139

Safety & Loss Control
Brian Poppenberg Loss Control Specialist poppenbergb@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2738
Max Elfelt Loss Control Specialist elfeltm@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-733-2703

Workers' Compensation
Tami McGregor Work Comp Administrator mcgregort@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2324 
Chad Wollack Work Comp Case Manager wollackc@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2367

Jan Denzler Insurance & Claims Specialist denzlerj@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-726-2321

Safety & Risk Management - North  
307 S. First St.
Virginia, MN  55792

Info:  218-742-9841
Fax:  218-471-7270

Mine Inspection  
Steve Manninen Mine Inspector manninens@stlouiscountymn.gov 218-742-9840

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100 N 5th Ave W
Duluth, MN  55802

Info:  218-726-2340
Email: County_Sheriff@stlouiscountymn.gov

Ross Litman Sheriff 218-726-2340
Dave Philips Undersheriff 218-726-2340 
Bill Evans Supervising Deputy 218-336-4379
Records Division    218-336-4360 
Warrants Division    218-726-2372
1810 12th Ave E
Hibbing, MN  55746
  Info:  218-262-0134
Email: County_Sheriff@stlouiscountymn.gov
Shannon Schultz Supervising Deputy  
300 S 5th Ave
Virginia, MN55792
Info:  218-749-7134
Email: County_Sheriff@stlouiscountymn.gov 
Jon Skelton Supervising Deputy  
9-1-1 Emergency Communications
2030 N Arlington Ave
Duluth, MN 55811
  Info:  218-727-8770
Email: County_Sheriff@stlouiscountymn.gov
Steve Steblay Supervising Deputy, 9-1-1 Communications 218-336-4341
Scott Camps  Emergency Services Manager  218-726-2920
Duane Johnson Asst. Center Supervisor 218-726-2936
Patsy Kingsley Asst. Center Supervisor 218-726-2935
Lisa Johannessohn Asst. Center Supervisor  218-336-4331
Bruce Hegrenes  Electronics System Supervisor  218-726-2920
     Email: County_Sheriff@stlouiscountymn.gov
4334 Haines Road
Duluth, MN 55811
  Info:  218-726-2345
Email: County_Sheriff@stlouiscountymn.gov
Robyn Wojciechowski  Jail Administrator
St. Louis County Sheriff’s Volunteer Rescue Squad: South
5735 Old Miller Trunk Highway
Duluth, MN 55811
Email: County_Sheriff@stlouiscountymn.gov
Captain Tom Crossmon     

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Veterans Service

 Duluth Office  
405 E Superior St
Suite 130
Duluth, MN  55802

Information:  218-725-5285
Fax:  218-723-4678

Sherry Rodriguez Director  rodriguezs@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5285
Scott Pauly Veteran Service Officer  paulys@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5285
Wayne Suliin Veteran Service Officer  suliinw@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5285
Jennifer Pelofske Information Specialist  pelofskej@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-725-5285
Ely Office      
320 Miner's Drive E
Ely, MN  55731
  Information:  218-365-8203
Fax:  218-365-8205
Roberta Lang Veteran Service Officer  langr@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-365-8203
Hibbing Office      
Courthouse Annex
1814 E 14th Ave
Suite 101
Hibbing, MN  55746
  Information:  218-262-6090
Fax:  218-262-6093
William Bean Veteran Service Officer  beanw@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-262-6090
Roberta Lang Veteran Service Officer  langr@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-262-6090
Linda Lung Information Specialist  lungl@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-262-6090
Virginia Office      
307 S 1st St
Suite 110
Virginia, MN  55792
  Information:  218-749-7110
Fax: 218-749-0670
Brian Rulifson Veteran Service Officer  rulifsonb@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-749-7110
Cheryl Ferrian Information Specialist  ferrianc@stlouiscountymn.gov  218-749-7110

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