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Subdividing Property

Looking to Divide Your Property

Nearly all land divisions in Minnesota are regulated by local authorities. St. Louis County Ordinance 60 regulates the subdivision of land outside of municipalities (cities). If you are unsure as to who administers the zoning for your property, consult the Administration of Zoning Map under the related topics on the right side of the page.

An improperly created parcel split or lot can result in the inability to obtain land use permits for structures on new and remnant parcels. A helpful fact sheet with more information called Creating or Spitting Parcels, is located on right side of the page.

Developers who wish to subdivide property will need to work with the St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department to create a subdivision plat. Click on the links below for the application forms that will need to be completed throughout this process. The Citizen Portal is now available to the public. Apply for your preliminary plat online.

If you are searching for a particular subdivision plat, half-section map or Certificate of Survey click the links in the right side pane:

Land Survey                                                                       

Application for Plat Checking                             

Plat Approval Flow Chart                                                               

Plat Checking Guidelines -  CIC                                                                                               

Plat Checking Guidelines - Final                                                                     

Plat Checking Guidelines – Preliminary                                             

Plat Checking Guidelines – RLS                                                             

Plat Checklist – CIC                         

Plat Checklist – Final                                                          

Plat Checklist – Preliminary                                       

Plat Checklist – RLS      

Public Works 

Road Design Standards for Plats and Subdivision


Parcel Review Application

Lot Line Adjustment Application

Performance Standard Subdivision Application

Minor Subdivision - Preliminary Application

Minor Subdivision - Final Application

Conventional Subdivison - Concept Application  

Conventional Subdivision - Preliminary Application

Conventional Subdivision - Final Application