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Planning Commission (PC)

The St. Louis County Planning Commission holds public hearings and makes recommendations on comprehensive land use plans, subdivision platting proposals and official controls of the county. They also make decisions on environmental reviews and conditional use permit applications.

The Lake Superior Wetland Bank application and project area map are available in the document library below.

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The Planning Commission is made up of nine (9) Members and is responsible for the following duties.


To prepare and recommend to the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners a county comprehensive plan and official controls necessary to aid in the plan's execution.




To review any comprehensive, land use, or other plans or official controls sent to the county for review by any local unit of government, council of governments or any regional, state, or federal agency, and to make a report to the County Board.




To hold all required public hearings for comprehensive plans, official controls, conditional use permit applications, subdivision platting proposals, amendments to the same, and other matters as may be prescribed by county ordinance.




To review and act upon (i.e., hold a hearing and make the final declaration) all environmental review petitions, worksheets and impact statements that involve conditional uses, subdivision plats or other development proposals.

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