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Homeless? call 211 for referrals

HUD Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs)

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What are EHVs?
On May 5th, 2021 HUD released Notice PIH 2021-15 (HA), which announced the creation of the Emergency Housing Voucher program using American Rescue Plan funds. Duluth HRA was awarded and accepted 49 Emergency Housing Vouchers on May 24th, 2021. These 49 Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs) will be administered by Duluth HRA in close partnership with St. Louis County Continuum of Care. Households experiencing homelessness at risk of homelessness or fleeing violence/exploitation will be prioritized. Vouchers will be offered to households on the Coordinated Entry System southern St. Louis County priority list. The Emergency Housing Vouchers allow for some flexible funds to support landlord incentives as needed and support higher rent rates than our typical housing voucher programs. These vouchers must be awarded by September 2023 and sunset in 2030.
Proposed EHV Priority:
Clients can qualify to for an EHV in one of two ways:
  1. Households must be currently experiencing homelessness, at-risk of homelessness, and/or fleeing violence/exploitation to qualify for voucher. EHVs would start at the bottom of the PSH tier (score of 8) of the CES Priority list & move up from there.
(2)  Households must currently be in Permanent Supportive Housing (including LTH housing supports) or Transitional Housing Programs in SLC CoC and interested in accessing EHV as a Move Up program. Move Up is a HUD program designed to move clients into units with less support (client’s choice) and free up supportive housing units for others on the Priority list who may need more supports.
Background & Justification for this approach:
PSH Score of 8 & Up: This approach could help move a households off of the CES Priority list that are generally never reached by the CES process for PSH openings. There are currently 114 households with scores of 8 on the Duluth priority list, which includes 79 singles, 17 families, & 32couples without children. 13 of these households are youth, 2 veterans, and 12 seniors (62+). There are currently 118 households with scores of 9 on the Duluth priority list, which includes 90 singles, 23 families, & 5 couples without children. 12 of these households are youth, 2 veterans, and 2 seniors (62+). Many of these households have been on the CES priority list for 2+ years.
Move Up Model: This model is the basis of a new HUD voucher program, and we could use this as a pilot to see if Move Up vouchers via HUD (only used for PSH not TH) could be a permanent resource for our CoC. This could help free up PSH units for households at the top of our current priority list. Local PSH/TH providers are giving feedback currently on how many clients could access this/benefit from this. So far our housing providers have stated 18-23 households in PSH and 7 in TH could benefit from a EHV Move Up voucher.

Housing Stabilization Services

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Housing Stabilization Services is a Medical Assistance (MA) benefit that helps people with disabilities and seniors find and keep housing.
It is for people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, at risk of institutionalization, or living in an institution or some types of group settings, including ICF-DDs, nursing facilities, Adult Foster Care, and Board and Lodge.
For more information on HSS and how to find out if you might qualify, please follow this link: 

SLC Environmental Scan and System Map Report

Both Summary and Executive versions are available for download

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Over the last year, St. Louis County contracted with Patty Beech Consulting to engage in systems mapping and planning/evaluation work. The project involved an in-depth review and evaluation our homelessness response system including conducting an environmental scan, reviewing existing data and input from key partners and informants. The final report is now published and included here in both a full length and summary version. 
There are very clear next steps that involve gathering more feedback from people with lived experience, people of African Heritage, Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We are also engaging in statewide efforts to address systemic barriers through a Racial Equity and Accountability Project which will provide an excellent vehicle to continue this work and put the recommendations of this report into action. Community engagement sessions will be announced in the near future. We want to be sure we are intentional around this work and lift up the voices of those with lived experience and who are disproportionately impacted by homelessness.

St. Louis County Continuum of Care for housing has developed the Coordinated Entry System for individuals, families and youth that are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

All calls start with United Way 2-1-1 and a request for the housing prescreen. If you are homeless, you will be scheduled for an appointment with a housing assessor agency. If you are not homeless, but are imminently at risk of homelessness, you will be scheduled to meet with a Prevention Assistance assessor agency. These community partners will complete your intake application and determine if you are eligible for available funding support.

All households will be required to apply to St. Louis County PHHS for emergency assistance.

What you need to know for Homeless Assistance

What you need to know for Homeless assistance in St. Louis County:

  • Limited supportive housing available. Completion of the assessment can assist you in finding appropriate housing. 
  • You are strongly encouraged to seek non-supportive housing options such as the HRA, private subsidies, and Section 8. (see listings)
  • The completion of the assessment does not guarantee supportive housing. Supportive housing unit availability is based on need and eligibility, not first-come first-served.
  • You are encouraged to follow up with the housing assessor who completed your assessment, if the assessor cannot make contact with you, your name may be removed from the list. 
  • If a unit has become available and the agency is unable to contact you within 10 days, you may be removed from the list. 
  • If your household is selected, you will be required to provide documentation as quickly as possible to expedite the housing process. See the lists of verifications needed in the Coordinated Entry - Verifications Checklist below.

Coordinated Entry – Verifications Checklist

Coordinated Entry – Verifications Checklist

Below are a list of verifications you may need to secure housing or apply for housing assistance. Try to gather as many of them as possible.

  • Driver’s license, Minnesota Identification Card or tribal ID card for all adults in the household and/or proof of residency
  • Social Security numbers / cards for yourself and all other members of the household
  • Birth Certificate for all members of the household
  • Proof of income for all members of the household: pay stubs, Social Security award letter, notice from County on benefits received
  • Listing of assets
  • Bank statements, including information on recently closed bank accounts
  • Court Order showing custody of children (if applicable)
  • DD214 (For assistance contact MAC-V at 833-222-MACV (6228))
  • Disability Determination
  • Homeless or at-risk-of-homeless verification
  • List of monthly expenses

Subsidized Rentals in the Duluth area

Duluth Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA): Public Housing & Section 8
(218) 529-6300   Information and applications for subsidized housing can be obtained through the HRA. (Check the box at the top of the application to be considered for BOTH Section 8 and Public Housing.)
HRA Office:
King Manor Building: 222 E 2nd St. 1st Floor, Duluth MN 55805………..(218) 529-6300
** It’s vital that you keep your mailing address updated with HRA. **
Note for properties listed below: Most properties below offer rent of 30% of income. Call for income guidelines.
Applewood West/Fairmont Apts 
30% income - 2-3br. 
5402 Ramsey St. 624-0990
Morgan Park Town Homes- 30%  income 2-3br.
Munger Terrace- 30% income 1-3br.
405 Mesaba Ave.  722-2568
Mesaba Villas
101 Mesaba Avenue   722-2568
Kingsly Heights – 30% income- eff. 2br.
105 W 1st St.   728-1204
Memorial Park – regular rent 1-3br.
605 N Central Ave.  728-1204
Windwood Town Homes – 30% income & regular rent 1-4br.
807 Upham Rd.  722-4031 or 728-1204
Village Place – 30% income, regular rent, market rate 1-3br.
602 E 5th St.  728-1204 or 218-491-3785.
Village at Matterhorn – 30% income, regular rent, public housing 1-3br.
Hermantown 728-1204 or 218-491-3785
Endion School – 30% income 1-3br.
1802 E 2nd St. 728-1204
Harbor Highlands – 30%, regular rent or public housing, market rate - 1-4br.
Central Entrance   218-464-4110
Gateway Towers
600 W. Superior St.   727-0929
Maple Grove Apartments – 30% income 1-3br.
4099 Haines Rd.  727-8874   
Lincoln Park Apartments – regular rent
2424 W 5th st.  218-935-6037
Gimaajii Fond Du Lac tribal units – 30% income
202 W 2nd st.  722-7225
The Vine men’s transitional/permanent housing
1828 E Superior 728-4446 or 728-2211
Fire House Flats – 30% income, regular rent
626-9000 - 128 E 4th st.
Additional Subsidized Rentals in Duluth Area:
Persons Age 62+ and/or Disabled
Superior Views, Redruth, Berk.
720 Maple Grove Rd.
Accessible Space
Pine Grove Apartments
4082 Haines Rd.
Accessible Space
Heritage Apartments
700 Commonwealth Ave.
Greysolon Plaza
231 E. Superior St
Lenox Place
701 W. Superior St.
Hillside Gardens
419 S. 7th St., Proctor
Maple Grove
727-8874 or 628-0311
4099 Haines Rd
Railview Apartments
1015 2nd Ave W., Proctor
Victory Apartments
722-2629 or 628-0311
2409 Leonard St
Lakeland Shores
4500 Cambridge St.
Only 62
Pennel Park Commons
330 N Arlington Ave
Spirit Lake Manor
626-3352 or 727-0461
1099 88th Ave West
Faith Haven Apartments
4901 Grand Ave.
Only 62
Northfield Apartments
2713 West Superior Street



Contact 2-1-1

If you are homeless or at risk of being homeless, call 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment with an assessor who will help you find housing options

Street Outreach Team

If you are concerned about someone who is homeless, contact street outreach.

24 hr Hotline

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