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Business Planning

Each department has a business plan that guides them for the next three to five years. These plans are updated and reviewed as changes occur and considered as part of the budget process.  The Business Plans include the following sections:

Who Are We?  This includes mission statement, primary lines of business (programs), organizational chart and significant trends and changes impacting the department.

What Do We Want To Achieve?  This includes a vision for the department and key initiatives aligned with the St. Louis County Commissioners' Priority Areas.

What Resources Are We Going To Use?  Resource plans such as Finance Plan, Workforce Plan, Technology Plan, Purchasing Plan, and Space Plan.

The broader county-wide goals for a sustained business planning focus by departments' center on consolidating core organizational efforts and services in support of the following priority areas as defined by the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners:

 1.    Health and Well-Being of County Citizens
 2.    Strong County Infrastructure
 3.    Healthy, Viable Ecosystem
 4.    Healthy Local Economy
 5.    Efficient, Effective Government

As the county progresses into an increasingly uncertain budget climate, it is of paramount importance to continue to progress in linking departmental program and service initiatives to key organizational priorities and strategies.  This business planning update was designed to support the following objectives:

Current Objectives for Departmental Business Planning  

  1. To update business anticipated departmental "reality" to the 5 budget and management strategies and Commissioner Priority Areas outlined above
  2. To provide general detail as to which of the budget/management strategies departments plan to use and how departments plan to use them
  3. To further refine planning and analysis related to mandates and core services through prioritization of departmental resources, programs, and services
  4. To expand departmental business planning to include anticipated technology projects as well as developing a website utilization, maintenance and content management plan
  5. To expand/revisit the departmental business planning to include an updated view of facility needs (current and anticipated)
  6. To update current KPI's and define areas for improvement to better align performance measures with departmental and county goals and objectives
  7. To set the stage for an enhanced and cross-departmental (functional) business planning effort 

Current Goals for County-Wide and Departmental Business Planning 

  1. To integrate functional (cross-departmental) business planning efforts into departmental business plans
  2. To work toward completing a county-wide business plan that further defines and articulates organizational mission, vision, goals and objectives for the short, mid and long term
  3. To focus on strategies to partner with other departments to deliver services
  4. To further enhance KPI measures and the effectiveness of said measures in support of operations and/or services
  5. To utilize business planning as a tool that supports data-driven core sevice/function decision-making at the departmental and county-wide level

Please contact St. Louis County Administration with questions about the business plans or the business planning efforts.


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