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Traffic Control

Helping to Keep Our Roadways Safe & Sound

  • Road Restrictions: Road restrictions are enforced during the spring time when the frost starts to thaw underneath the roadways. The most critical time to keep heavily loaded vehicles off of the County Highway system is when the pavement first thaws. St. Louis County follows the recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) when posting road restrictions. Road restrictions usually last anywhere from seven to nine weeks depending on the weather.   
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  • Traffic Signs: It is in the interest of St. Louis County and the public to prevent the excessive use of traffic signs on the County highway system. A conservative use of traffic signs reduces maintenance costs and improves the effectiveness of those remaining signs. Limiting the excessive use of traffic signs fulfills demonstrated needs, champions a command of attention, reduces clutter that impedes the conveyance of a clear and simple meaning, fosters respect by road users, and reduces conflicts that may restrict time for a proper response which cumulatively improves traffic safety for all users and pursues the goals of the Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths partnership in St. Louis County.
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