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Accident Reports or Incident Reports

How can I get a copy of an Accident Report or Incident Report?

Most incidents involving the attention of a St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office deputy will be documented on an Incident Report form.  The status of the case determines what information, if any, in the report is releasable to the public or to the involved parties.  Most incident reports are public information unless they fall into one of the following criteria: the incident is under active investigation, court action is still pending, juveniles are involved in the case, or information is classified as confidential or private.

Fees:  There is a fee charge for all case file data at a rate of .25 per page copied, or .50 for a two-sided copy, if the request is for 100 or fewer pages of black and white, letter or legal sized paper copies.  For copies of other data (more than 100 paper copies, photographs, data on a CD or DVD, data stored electronically, etc.) the actual cost for an employee to search for and retrieve the data, and to make copies will be charged. Learn more about Fees...

Additional information: Explanation of the above information can be obtained by calling the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office Records Division at 218-336-4360.

Email Address:  Your request may be made via email to: