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Consider Joining the Sheriff's Office

Are you interested in a career in law enforcement, corrections, or 911 emergency communications? 

The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office is a progressive employer, offering tremendous opportunities, challenging assignments and significant diversity.  The wages and benefits are some of the best in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota. 

Employment opportunities are publicized by the St. Louis County Human Resources.  Background packets needed for the various positions are available for download at the St. Louis County Human Resources website.

Competitive examinations are required and are open to persons who meet the minimum qualifications of the positions advertised. Applicant names will be ranked on eligible hiring registers based on results of competitive examinations.

911 Emergency Communications: see "Emergency Communications Specialist".  A 911 Specialist performs law enforcement, fire, emergency medical dispatch and rescue related telecommunications dispatch work in a County 911 Communications Center.  On the job training consists of a combination of classroom training and intensive one-on-one "live" environment training with peer observation and guidance.

Corrections Officer: see "Deputy Sheriff - Corrections Officer".  Corrections Officer do routine corrections work involving detention, corrections duties, and transportation of prisoners and others in legal custody.  They are responsible for directing, coordinating and organizing the day to day activities of the inmates according to State and local policies and procedures.  There are minimum physical fitness standards that must be met. 

Deputy Sheriff: see "Deputy Sheriff".  Deputy Sheriffs provide patrol and investigative services to the citizens of St. Louis County.  Deputies perform a broad range of activities, which include investigating crimes, answering calls for assistance, responding to accidents, administering first aid to the injured, transporting inmates and individuals with mental disorders, and serving civil papers and arrest warrants.  There are minimum physical fitness standards that must be met.  New deputies participate in a field training academy and field training program. 

Deputy Sheriff announcements are posted on the Minnesota Peace Officers Opportunity Line (POOL). All positions within the Sheriff's Office require a background investigation.  Background packets can be downloaded on the Employee Relations website.