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Contact Your Assessor


If you have a question or concern regarding an assessment issue, your first step is to contact your assessor.

Organized cities and townships within St. Louis County have the option of contracting with or employing a local assessor.  If an organized jurisdiction does not appoint a local assessor, the County Assessor's Department assumes the responsibility.

St. Louis County Assessor's Department Office Locations and Hours Staff Directory

The County Assessor administers the assessment for the County, including supervision of County staff and local assessors.  This includes advising the local jurisdictions on assessment matters, conducting statistical studies to test the accuracy of the assessment ratios, providing programs, procedures, policies, and maps to assist and audit staff and local assessors in their work, preparation of appraisals and supporting documentation for the County Board of Appeal and Equalization and Tax Court appeals, and advising the County Board of the uniformity of assessments to accomplish county-wide equalization.  

In addition, the County Assessor provides all appraisal and assessment services required within the Unorganized Townships of the County and all organized jurisdictions who contract with the County for assessment services.  This includes periodic reappraisals of parcels located within each taxing district, inspection of all changes to each property which may affect its value, administration of the homestead and other classifications, processing of splits and consolidations of property, reviewing valuation and classification appeals from taxpayers, and assisting the Local Boards of Appeal and Equalization in evaluating appeals.  

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