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The rural character and natural landscapes of St. Louis County provide numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Hunting, fishing, hiking, and other forms of recreation are common activities on tax forfeit lands.  Many of these activities are monitored and regulated by the Department of Natural Resources.

Information on Deer Stands, Shooting Lanes and Food Plots on St. Louis County Tax Forfeited Lands can be found here.

The Land and Minerals Department has a preliminary mapping application showing trails, deer permit areas and forest cover types with ages on County managed lands.   

Forest Maps (click here to open)
Click on the "Layers" Button.
To activate the forest cover layers you must be zoomed into a section or closer.

  • Click on the plus sign in front of Forest Cover Data to open up the available forest cover layers
  • Click on the check box in front of Forest Cover Data and in front of one of the available layers to activate that layer
  • Click on the plus sign in front of the layers to show the legend for that layer
    • Forest Cover Aspen Birch Stand Age  - stands shaded by 10 year age classes
    • Forest Cover Upland Lowland  - upland and lowland productive timber areas shaded
    • Forest Cover - all forest cover types with age (in parenthesis)

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Off Road/Off-Highway Vehicles

St. Louis County has many motorized and non-motorized trails.

Motorized trails used by Off-highway vehicles (OHVs) include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), off-highway motorcycles (OHMs) and off-road vehicles (ORVs), such as 4x4 trucks or Jeeps.

The same rules apply for riding on St. Louis County Administered Lands as for State DNR Administered Lands.  Make sure you have read and understand the State Forest Riding Rules, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources OHV Information and the 2010-2011 Off-highway Vehicle Regulations (2.63MB pdf)

A list of Minnesota Off-highway vehicle riding trails, including those that are in or cross St. Louis County is available from the MN DNR.