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Copy of Real Estate Records

Requesting parties are invited to visit the St. Louis County Recorder's office where you may conduct property record searches using the public terminals.  You may choose to engage the services of a local abstractor. A list of names, addresses and phone numbers may be found at: Practicing Abstractors.

Click here to order a copy of a real estate document online.

Copies of documents requested by mail should reference the recorded document number and include the appropriate fees. Copies will then be sent by U.S. Mail, unless the requesting party has enclosed a prepaid label and envelope for a delivery service.

For U.S. Mail Service:
St. Louis County Recorder
P.O. Box 157
Duluth, MN  55801-0157

For Delivery Service:
St. Louis County Recorder
100 N. 5th Ave. W. #101
Duluth, MN  55802 

Fees for Copies

Certified copy of any document:  $10.00 per document. 

Non-certified (plain) copy of any document:  $1.00 per page, with a minimum fee of $3.00. 

Certified copy of an official plat:  $15.00. 

Non-certified (plain) copy of an official plat: $3.00 or plat maps are available free online at: Maps 

The current edition of the North and South St. Louis County Plat Books is available for purchase at the St. Louis County Auditor’s Office at:  Maps 

Plain copy of an unconverted (record is in book form) Certificate of Title: $10.00. 

Plain copy of a converted (record is in the computer form) Certificate of Title: $3.00. 

Certified copy of a Certificate of Title/Condition of Register either converted or unconverted: $10.00.