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Changes to E-Waste Program - Friday, June 12, 2015
Effective immediately, households will only be able to recycle the following items through St. Louis County's electronics recycling program at current rates:

  • TVs
  • computer monitors 
  • computer towers (CPUs)
  • laptops 

All other items (VCRs, DVD players, satellite dish receivers, copy machines, printers, mice and keyboards, speakers) will be treated and charged as garbage. This change is applicable to household electronics only. E-waste from businesses is not accepted by St. Louis County, but is required to be recycled. See list of registered recyclers.  

Electronic Waste

St. Louis County has 11 collection sites for waste electronics from household use.  In addition to this service we encourage preventing e-waste and buying 'green' when you purchase new electronics.

Under State of Minnesota regulations electronic wastes from business use must be recycled. We do not accept electronic waste from businesses. For a list of recyclers registered in Minnesota please Click Here.

Consumer electronics such as TVs, Image of a stacked computer monitorscomputer equipment, and DVD players contain toxic metals and chemicals. According to the EPA, Americans own nearly 3 billion electronic products.  These devices are safe to use every day in your house, but when thrown away, can release heavy metals and other chemicals under certain conditions in the environment.

Residents can take advantage of recycling options for TVs, computer monitors and towers, and laptops at select St. Louis County Solid Waste sites. Toshiba, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Sharp products are accepted free of charge.  Fees for all other video display device brands are $3.00 for items with screens up to 19" and $6.00 for larger.  (Fees for devices generated outside the Solid Waste Management Area are $12.00 for up to 19" and $18.00 for larger sizes.)

Other electronic wastes are charges at the current garbage rate.

In Minnesota, by law, you must recycle televisions and computer monitors.  They can't go into the trash.

Collection Sites in the Solid Waste Management Area

Collection locations for computer monitors, PDAs televisions and other video display devices are as follows:

  • Aurora Transfer Station - 5910 Hwy 135 N.
  • Balkan Township Canister Site - 11489 Vlasich Rd.
  • Brookston Transfer Station - 8609 Highway 2
  • Cook Transfer Station - 2134 Beatty Rd
  • Cotton Canister Site - 8476 Hwy 53
  • Hibbing Transfer Station - 3994 Landfill Rd. (west of Hibbing)
  • Kabetogama Canister Site - 10150 Gamma Rd.
  • Lavell Canister Site - 3175 Hwy 25
  • Northwoods Transfer Station - 9384 Hwy 21 (south of Ely)
  • Soudan Canister Site - 5160 Hwy 169
  • St. Louis County Regional Landfill - 5341 Regional Landfill Rd. (east of Virginia)

Prevent e-waste

  • Use your products for as long as possible. You can use your analog TV longer by purchasing a converter box, or receiving TV through satellite or cable.
  • Give it away through on-line sources like Craigslist, or donate your TV to a thrift store or non-profit that accepts electronics. Please call ahead to check for acceptance policies first or the thrift shop will have to pay for disposal.
  • Check out the MPCA's web site for more information.

Buying Green

Environmentally responsible electronics use involves not only proper end-of-life disposition of obsolete equipment, but also purchasing new equipment that has been designed with environmentally preferable attributes. Think about this when purchasing new equipment, and ask your retailer or electronics supplier about environmentally preferable electronics. Check out the EPA's web site for more information.   

In-Store programs

Some retail stores provide recycling services that are convenient for consumers that want to get rid of various broken or unwanted electronics, particularly cell phones and rechargeable batteries. 

For example, Best Buy provides free and easy recycling for nearly any electronic item. Through the RBRC's Call2Recycle program, retailers including Batteries Plus, Target, and Radio Shack offer drop-offs for all brands of unwanted cell phones and accessories. Go online to find participating locations, or call 1-877-2-RECYCLE. Usable phones are refurbished for donation to victims of domestic violence, and the rest is recycled with a portion of the proceeds given to charity.

Call first, or go on-line to see what's available at stores near you.

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