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Right-of-Way (Utility) Permits

In order to provide more efficient, accurate processing and management of right-of-way permit applications, the St. Louis County Public Works Department now implements an electronic permitting system. With OneGov, the applicant will submit a right-of-way permit application through an online website. Once their permit is approved, the user has the ability to print the permit from their personal computer or access it from their mobile device. Right-of-way permit applications will only be accepted through OneGov.

Click here to apply for a right-of-way permit using OneGov

St. Louis County accepts credit card, electronic check, cashier's check, or personal check for payment. Checks should be made to: St. Louis County Auditor.

NOTE: receipt of payment does not activate your permit! To confirm you have an active permit, please check your OneGov account and see your permit status.



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