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Adult Foster Care Services

St. Louis County Human Services licenses approximately 400 adult foster care providers serving nearly 1,600 people. Providers serve adults with physical limitations, traumatic brain injuries, developmental delays, mental illness, and elderly. The level of care each person requires varies greatly. Some people only require assistance with budgeting or transportation, others require assistance with daily routines, bathing, or taking their prescribed medications. The amount of payment that an adult foster care provider receives to care for people varies depending on the amount of care a person needs. Some adult foster care homes are run by the person living in the home (family foster care), while others have several paid staff (corporate foster homes). On July 1, 2009, the Minnesota Department of Human Services issued a state-wide moratorium on licensing new corporate foster homes. At this time, we are only licensing new family adult foster care providers.

Becoming a Provider

Becoming a licensed adult foster care provider involves several steps. Begin the licensing process by attending a Foster Care orientation. Orientations are offered every other month. For more information contact a Foster Care licensor.  

Person Centered Approach to Crisis Management

The person centered approach to crisis management is a community collaboration to implement person centered responses to adults experiencing crisis and in need services and supports

 Objective: Our overarching goal is to develop a strong community collaboration where each partner in the process  provides person centered supports and services people in our community in need: 

  • Clarifies their role
  • Understands each of the other community partner’s roles and appropriately utilizes the services they provide
  • Engages in regular communication and feedback
  • Implements a standard for person centered responses to Adults in crisis
  • Coordinates services to effectively meet the needs of adults in crisis
  • Collects, analyzes and shares data to guide improvements in the systems involved (on a regular basis)
  • St. Louis County Adult Services
  • Law Enforcement (Duluth Police Department and St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Adult Foster Care Providers
  • Hospitals (Essentia and St. Luke’s)
  • Birch Tree Center
  • Crisis Response Team (CRT)



Recent collaborative meetings have resulted in a Person Centered Incident Matrix intended to guide professionals in our community in our response to individuals in a crisis situation:

Person Centered Incident Matrix Manual (Microsoft Word Document)
Person Centered Incident Matrix  (Microsoft Word Document)

In order to foster collaboration and good communication we ask that all Adult Foster Care Providers fill out a Premise Form every year or whenever there is a change in information and submit it to Law Enforcement.

Premise Form  (Microsoft Word document)

Licensing Laws

Adult foster care licensing rules are defined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the State of Minnesota. See the Human Services Licensing Act.

For more information about rules governing Social Services to Adults see Minnesota Administrative Rules Chapter 9555. Chapter 9555.5050 - 9555.6400 are specific to Adult Foster Care Services.

Other Helpful Information 
Minnesota Vulnerable Adults Mandated Reporting Training (mandated by Minnesota DHS). 

South St. Louis County

Kathy Esson 218-726-2223 or 
Kim Hoffmockel 218-726-2142 or

North St. Louis County

Adam Hancock 218-471-7772 or


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