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Blue Ribbon Assessment Practices Review Panel

Assessing property values is an essential component of Minnesota’s property tax system. Property assessments define the tax base and consequently who pays what share of the property tax levy.

If some properties’ valuations are too high, those property owners will pay more than their fair share of property taxes. Conversely, if some properties’ valuations are too low, those owners will pay less than their fair share. When property is valued correctly in all jurisdictions, the property tax burden is distributed equitably, as defined by the Legislature.

In St. Louis County, cities and townships either employ, contract with local assessors or the County Assessor’s office for property assessment services. All unorganized townships are assessed by the St. Louis County Assessor. The City of Duluth, a city of the first class, appoints a city assessor who has the same powers and duties of the County Assessor.

The St. Louis County Assessor strives to have a property valuation system that is timely, uniform, and fair.

              "People make mistakes, omissions and errors in judgment.  It's 
                the degree of mistakes, omissions and errors in judgment that 
                affects the principle of a timely, uniform, and fair property
                assessment system."
                                                                                    -- Mark Monacelli

here to view the panel's final report.

here for press release on St. Louis County/City of Duluth assessor merger.


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