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Electronic Bidding: Construction Bids for Roads and Bridges

St. Louis County Public Works has transitioned to electronic bidding as of May 24, 2013. All Public Works bidding opportunities are now available on Submitting bids via the Bid Express website is mandatory as paper bids will not be accepted. To learn more about enrolling with please click here for the quick start guide.

It is important to note this is NOT the same service the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT)uses ( While the services are offered by the same company, the sites are vastly different in how they function. It is highly recommended new users schedule a webinar prior to bidding on

You are welcome to contact the Bid Express customer support team with any questions about the service. The team can be reached by phone at 888-352-BIDX (2439) or by email at

Bid Bonds

Electronic or traditional paper bid bonds or checks will be accepted as a bid guarantee.

Electronic Bid Bonds:

To utilize the Electronic Bid Bond option, please contact either Surety 2000 at 800-660-3263 or or InSure Vision Technologies at 818-783-3460 or

Traditional Paper Bid Bonds or Certified Check:

Bidders may send a hard copy by mail or other delivery method, either as a corporate surety bond or a certified check made payable to the St. Louis County Auditor. If not submitted electronically, the proposal guaranty must be received at: St. Louis County Public Works Department, 4787 Midway Road, Duluth, MN 55811, in a sealed envelope marked clearly with the name of the bidder, type of work, and project number by 4:00 p.m. CST the day prior to the specified date of opening.

Electronic Quotes:

As of August 1, 2015, St. Louis County Public Works has transitioned to advertising all quote solicitations on the Bid Express® website. A Request for Quotes (RFQ) is defined as an informal solicitation, not subject to formal bidding requirements as set forth in Minn. Stat. § 16C.02. To differentiate between regular bid solicitations and quote solicitations, the project title for quotes will have “Quote (RFQ)” behind the project number. Please check Bid Express® weekly if you are interested in providing a quote for these solicitations, as they will not be advertised the same as regular projects with St. Louis County Public Works.


Watch Electronic Bid Openings LIVE!

From your computer:
If you would like to view the bid opening for a given project from your computer, you can do so at In the “Join A Meeting” box, type in SLC_PW_Bid_Opening and the site will bring you to the bid opening meeting.  In order to hear the sound, click on the Audio Mode icon and select your desired method.
From your SmartPhone:
Download the free app from the App Store. Click on the app. Click on the meeting code box under the green ‘Join’ title and type in SLC_PW_Bid_Opening and click ‘Join’ or ‘Connect’. Once you have typed the meeting name in once, it will appear in the dropdown box for future times so you can select it from the dropdown. In order to hear the sound, you must click the telephone icon.

Bid Results

Once the bids have been opened, the results will be available on Our department will also post a copy of the bid summary on by 5pm CST the date of the bid letting. This bid summary includes the engineer’s estimate and the apparent low bidder for the specified project. Once the project has been officially awarded by the Board to the low bidder, the project bid abstract will be available on Please note that the award date is typically several weeks after a bid opening takes place.