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St. Louis County is the largest county east of the Mississippi River and also has the largest County forest. St. Louis County manages 872,100 acres of which 639,400 is considered commercial forest. The County Land & Minerals Department sells around 10,000 acres (200,000 cords) of timber stumpage at public auction each year to local loggers and wood products companies. The Land and Minerals department's forest management program is certified to ISO 14000 and SFI standards for sustainable forestry.

To be eligible to bid at St. Louis County Timber Auctions a Responsible Operators Application Form must be on file with the Land & Minerals Department and past due accounts must be made current. To operate on St. Louis County Lands a Responsible Operators Application Form and a Certificate of Compliance with Minnesota Workers' Compensation Law must be completed and on file at the St. Louis County Land & Minerals Department, Government Services Building, 320 West 2nd Street, Suite 302, Duluth MN, 55802.

The Responsible Operators List is updated annually. To stay on the Responsible Operators List the Responsible Operators Application Update Form must be filled out each year and returned to the Land & Minerals Department at the above address.

To operate on County land, loggers must complete training in a recognized logger training program. The organizations that provide logger training in this area are the Minnesota Logger Education Program (MLEP) (MLEP Training Requirements) and the Forest Industry Safety & Training Alliance Inc.

All contractors operating on St. Louis County Tax Forfeited Lands are required to complete a Contractor Pre-Work Session. Upon successful completion of the E-Training, print out and present the Certificate of Completion to the contract administrator.


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2018 Timber Auction Schedule

February 15 Sealed Bid Auction Land Commissioner's Office
May 10 Oral Auction Cotton Town Hall
August 2 Black Spruce Tops Land Commissioner's Office
August 16 Intermediate Oral Auction Cotton Town Hall
November 1 Oral Auction Cotton Town Hall

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