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Child Welfare preventive services are available to families with children on a voluntary basis, who are experiencing problems in family functioning, children’s behaviors, family stressors, children’s mental health concerns, minor parenting, or other related issues, and when there are no evident child protection concerns. Child welfare services assess family needs and provide services to families such as respite daycare, respite foster care, children's day treatment, homemaker services, parenting education and other supportive services.  Staff works with families to acquire basic necessities, if needed, such as food, clothing, and shelter.  They also work to connect families with the resources they need to support and sustain themselves in their respective communities.  Services are solution-focused and based upon problems identified by the family.  Social workers use a variety of techniques and skills to assist families to resolve their issues, relieve parental stress, educate parents, and make appropriate referrals to community resources.

CW preventive services also makes efforts aimed at families who exhibit behaviors that put their children at risk.  These early intervention and prevention services are also intended to prevent occurrence of child maltreatment such as neglect, physical, and/or sexual abuse.  In addition, these services make great efforts in providing services in the home to help stabilize the family and to prevent out of home placement for a child.

Contact:  All requests for services for families with children are made by calling the Initial Intervention Unit (IIU) Screener.  Talk to the screener about your concerns, and request for assistance. 

    • Southern St. Louis County: 218-726-2012
    • Northern St. Louis County:  218-471-7128
    • Or toll free: 1-800-450-9777