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Zoning Ordinance Revisions

St. Louis County has been working for the past year to review both the St. Louis County Subdivision 60 and St. Louis County Zoning Ordinance 62 to identify necessary revisions. This is part of our ongoing commitment to keep the ordinances current and provide consistent interpretations

The St. Louis County Planning Commission established a subcommittee to work on the details of the ordinance language and then periodically has discussed revisions with the entire Planning Commission. On June 9, 2016, the draft ordinance revisions were approved by the Planning Commission to be distributed for public input.

Following are the significant features of the draft Subdivision Revisions:

  • Submittals for either Performance Standard Subdivision or Minor Subdivisions will not require a ..standard" Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) or replacement  area, but will need to meet the applicable requirements of state and county laws and Ordinance 61 (SSTS), or its successor or replacement. This revision is being made to be consistent with the St. Louis County ISTS Ordinance 61.

Following are the significant features of the draft Zoning Ordinance 62 changes:

  • New and updated Article II definitions that coincide with newly added language in the ordinance.
  • Updates to Article III -Removal of land use district number  13, due to the fact that the district number 13 standards have never been used and reduced road right-of-way and centerline setbacks for platted roads with less than a 66 foot right-of-way and private roads, since these roads have less traffic counts and are typically privately maintained.
  • Clarifications of existing ordinance language throughout the ordinance.
  • Amendments to Article IV nonconforming structures that allow for a small addition to a less than 400 square foot structure on a nonconforming lot of record.
  • Article V clarifications to Public/Semi-Public  Use and the addition of Transportation Class I for private airparks and changing the existing transportation class to a Transportation Class II for commercial airports or other commercial transportation uses.
  • Changes to Article VI, boathouse standards to allow for construction of a boathouse on a greater than 20% slope if an engineered plan is provided.

Please submit comments by August 1, 2016. The Planning Commission will consider all comments and public testimony at the August 11, 2016 hearing. 

The document library below contains all draft amendments.

Changes to Subdivision Ordinance 60 & Zoning Ordinance 62 Comments
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