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Find How a Property is Zoned and Requirements for Each Zone District

St. Louis County is divided into various land use zone districts. In each zone district there are regulations for permitted uses of land and the placement of all structures. A zoning index map of the county will help you find the correct zoning map for your property. 

To find the appropriate zone district requirement sheet for your property, see the process tab below and follow the instructions. If you are unsure as to who administers the zoning for your property, consult the Administration of Zoning Map located in the tab below.

Zone district information sheets have been updated with the adoption of Zoning Ordinance 62.

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Persons interested in finding out how a property is zoned and the uses and requirements for that property should first consult the zoning map by following the directions below:

  1. Determine Zoning of Property: Determine how a property is zoned. You will first need to know the Township and Range number where the property is located. This can be found by looking at the legal description for the property which can be found on an abstract or tax statement. The letters “Twp” will signify the township number and the letters “Rg” will signify the range number. 

  2. Obtain Zoning Map: Once you know the township and range number, click on the zoning  index map and it will bring up the zoning map for your township. For example Twp 53, Rg 18 you would go to the zoning map legend and click on the township and range box of 53-18. 

    Zoning Map- St. Louis County

  3. Zone District Code: This will bring you to the zoning map page. Next locate the property in question on that map. There will be a zone district code. The zone district code might be one like FAM-1. 

  4. Fact Sheets: Next, click on the zone district sheets from the tab below that says FAM or whatever your particular zone district code is. By looking at this sheet, you will be able to find out what uses are allowed. Then, refer to the Dimensional District sheet that will tell you the district number. For example, 1. This will show you the acreage required for a conforming lot and setback requirements. For shoreland property, go to the Shoreland Standards to determine how far a structure must be from lakes, rivers, etc.

        Fact Sheet- SLC Zone Districts     Fact Sheet- SLC Zone Districts

        Fact Sheet- SLC Dimensional Standards     Fact Sheet- SLC Dimensional Standards

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Zone District Requirements

Click the link above to learn more about zone districts and the requirements for each.
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