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Septic Systems

On-site Waste Water Treatment (Septic) Systems

St. Louis County Environmental Services' On-Site Wastewater Division is responsible for the administration and coordination of on-site waste water treatment including enforcement of individual sewage treatment system regulations through permitting and inspection.  

  • Buying or Selling Property: St. Louis County Individual Sewage Treatment Ordinance 61 requires that property owners must provide full disclosure of the existence and status of on-site waste water treatment systems. Learn more about Buying or Selling Property...
  • Septic Service Providers: To find a licensed Designer, Inspector, Installer, Maintainer, or Service Provider refer to the MPCA website or contact one of our offices. Select "St. Louis County" and check the type of service you need at the MPCA's Septic Service Providers search page.
  • Your Environmental Specialist: To learn which St. Louis County Environmental Specialist works your area, look on this Area Map...
  • Septic System Permitting: A Permit To Construct a Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) is required for the construction, installation, or renovation of any septic system, privy, or holding tank. Learn more about Septic System Permitting...
  • Septic System User Information: Information about how septic systems  protect human health and the environment. Learn more about Septic System User Information...
  • Septic System Videos: Septic system videos for property owners and developers. Learn more about Septic System Videos...
  • Imminent Public Health Threat Grant Program:  St. Louis County Environmental Services Department has monies available to assist low-income homeowners to repair or replace failing systems that are classified as Imminent Public Health threats, or non-compliant systems.  
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St. Louis County has developed a series of informational videos which are available on YouTube.  Click HERE to go to the StLouisCountyMN channel.

For videos related to septic systems click HERE.
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