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Recycling Services

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Let's all recycle MORE!

Problem Materials that we recycle:

* indicates that there is a fee or quantity limitations.  Click HERE for a complete list of fees.
Where can you bring problem materials?  

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What difference did recycling make in 2014? - Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Not only is recycling easy, but it makes a difference!
Recycling in St. Louis County Infographic

Event Recycling

Give us a call at 800-4Call us to reserve recyclign bins for your event.50-9278 if you need recycling bins for your community event. See how they have worked at the Hibbing Curling Club to reduce waste.

What happens to your recycled materials?

Click on the recyclables for a quick tour of the St. Louis County Recycling Processing Facility.
Recyclables waiting for curbside collection

St. Louis County Environmental Services Department
307 First St. S., Ste. 115
Virginia, Minnesota  55792