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Every human being is important.
Every single one.

Sometimes individuals and communities face challenges that affect their health and quality of life. Our Public Health and Human Services staff works to prevent those challenges and offers a helping hand when life's obstacles seem insurmountable. We guide people and direct them to appropriate resources.

In our imperfect world, poverty, mental health issues, abuse, neglect and chemical dependency are reality for many of our citizens. To do nothing or ignore isn't an option.

The work we do is life changing, and sometimes even life saving. Yet there are many misconceptions about our services and the people we assist. The One Goal brochure tells the real story of how real clients have worked to improve their lives (and their families' lives) with the assistance and guidance from Public Health and Human Services. 

One Goal brochure cover

Our Vision: A community where all people are safe and healthy.

Our Mission: To protect, promote and improve the health and quality of life in St. Louis County.

We believe in the mission of Public Health and Human Services, and in the value we bring to those who struggle with aspects of life that many take for granted. Our work is based on the beliefs we share. This includes:

  • Every child is entitled to be loved and cared for.
  • Every adult wants to be successful, self-sufficient and able to provide for their family.
  • Everyone wants to live a healthy life, free from disease and addiction.
  • Everyone wants to age with grace and dignity. 

Together we strive to make these beliefs become a reality. Our work makes this possible. We are the strength for those who feel weak and beaten down, a guiding compass for those who feel lost, a helping hand for those who need aid, and a voice for those who feel they are not being heard.

From birth to death, through the span of anyone’s lifetime, a person never knows if they, or someone close to them, will need our services. From Children and Family Services, to Adult Services, to Financial Services and Public Health, we cover the gamut of needs faced by people in our community. We are there when there is nowhere else to turn. We are working hard to protect vulnerable adults and children in the crossfire of abuse, neglect and tragedy. We are dedicated to being proactive and supportive through providing education, resources and services that improve lives.  We enhance lives through collaboration with law enforcement, the court system, health care providers, elected officials, tribal and community leaders, schools, non-profit organizations, and mental and chemical health providers to improve the systems that support a strong, safe, healthy and vital community.

Our work is complex, and delivers real benefits, value and positive impact to our community. At the same time it prevents the far greater costs (financial and human) that would incur if we didn’t exist. 

PHHS is committed to One Goal, which is the same goal each one of us has for ourselves, our families, and our community: to protect, promote and improve the health and quality of life for all people so we can enjoy a safe and healthy community together. We hope that someday the need for our services will cease to exist, but until that time we will continue to work diligently, alongside you, to meet the needs that no one else can.  

Linnea Mirsch, Director
St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services