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St. Louis County GIS provides print maps, land atlas and plat books, geospatial data, and GIS interactive web mapping applications services for citizens and businesses to utilize. Explore, discover, and use the rich County GIS applications and services. 

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St. Louis County uses Geospatial data and technology to assist in business operations.

GIS Department Use

911 and Public Safety- St. Louis County

E911 & Public Safety

GIS technology and geospatial data is used in St. Louis County’s E911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and 911 addressing by providing key data for 911 dispatchers to dispatch appropriate fire, police, ambulance, and first responders of nearly 180 emergency response agencies in St. Louis County.

Land Records Management St. Louis County

Land Records Management

A critical function of county government has been to track, record, and provide detailed information on land records at the parcel level. It provides tools to more efficiently  conduct assessment, taxpayer services, and management of land records.

Natural Resource Management St. Louis County

Natural Resource Management

GIS helps departments manage, track, and monitor forest health and growth, fire and disease assessment, sensitive wildlife identification, administration of  tax forfeit lands, wetlands, floodplains, watersheds, and surveying, assessing, locating and appraising of tax forfeit property.

Transportation St. Louis County


GIS has been used  in   planning and implementing infrastructure projects from roads and bridges to managing assets and planning for capital improvements. It is increasingly used to support surveying and field work.

Community and Economic Development St. Louis County

Community & Economic  Development

The county is increasingly turning to GIS to promote community and economic development to strengthen the economic base of county communities by retaining and growing existing businesses and attracting new investment, and addressing community needs.

Planning St. Louis County


GIS assists departments conduct long-range planning by providing the ability to research, analyze, project, and map data. It also assists in parcel identification, permitting, zoning and land use administration, transportation networks, housing stock, residential, and more.

Public Health St. Louis County

Public Health

The county is increasingly using GIS technology in its Sub-Surface Treatment System (SSTS) management to enhance permitting, monitoring, and enforcement actions.

Waste Management St. Louis County

Waste Management

Expanded usage of GIS involved with the overall high level management of waste management, canister sites, recycling, hazardous waste, etc.

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