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Fact Sheets

Informational Requirements for Land Use Projects

Land use permits are required for most construction on parcels located outside municipalities (cities) and organized townships who administer their own zoning. Please consult the "Administration of Zoning Map" on the side menu at the right under links if you are in doubt as to whose jurisdiction the zoning for your parcel is under. Click on the links below for information regarding the projects or activities that you will be working on. 


Land Use                                                                                  Land Use

Standards                                                                                   Districts        

Accessory Dwelling                                                                     CL 1,000 Ft

Water Oriented Accessory Structure                                             CL 400 Ft

Additions                                                                                   COM

Land Alterations                                                                         FAM

Shoreline Vegetation Alterations                                                  IND

Vegetative Screening                                                                  LI

Construction on Non Conforming Lots of Record                            MU

Land Use District Chart                                                               RES

Zone District Dimensional Standards                                            SENS

Bluff Standards                                                                          SMU

Shore Impact Zone (SIZ)

Ordinary High Water Level (OHWL)

Property Owners Information Guide