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Protected bike lanes promote better health

Author: Dana Kazel on Jul 11 2017

After years of building streets for motorized vehicles, the trend has shifted to better accomodate bicyclists and pedestrians. Public Health nurses among those advocating for this change. Here's why...

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Working to protect and improve children's mental health

Author: Dana Kazel on May 5 2017

Childrens Mental Health proclamationMay 4 is Children's Mental Health Awareness Day, both nationally and in St. Louis County, following a proclamation by the County Board. Staff from Public Health and Human Services updated commissioners on the work they're doing to assist children and families.

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Delivering better service through a "triage" approach

Author: Dana Kazel on Apr 14 2017

Reception area, Virginia Public Health and Human ServicesTaking a "triage" approach - evaluating for all needs to ensure we give the best help - has proven successful for St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services in Ely, Hibbing and Duluth. Now it's also working well in Virginia.

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A glimpse at the work of Public Health

Author: Dana Kazel on Apr 4 2017

Public Health logoThe week of April 3 is National Public Health Week. Public Health Division Director Amy Westbrook spoke to the County Board about some of the continuing, as well as new, efforts involving her staff.

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A recap of the remarkable work of the Volunteer Rescue Squad

Author: Dana Kazel on Mar 20 2017

Sheriff Ross LitmanThey respond to help - no matter the hour or the weather. And they're all volunteer. The Sheriff's Volunteer Rescue Squad is a dedicated team. Here's a look at their contributions in 2016.

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