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Honoring Gary Eckenberg

The "cartoonist with a pretty good filing system"

Author: Dana Kazel on Oct 27 2016

Gary EckenbergGary Eckenberg is retiring this week after nearly 40 years of service. At his final County Board meeting this week, there were a few surprises for him as commissioners and others honored him for his work.

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Training for Chaplains who serve law enforcement

Author: Dana Kazel on Oct 21 2016

ChaplainsIn the course of their work, Sheriff's deputies, 911 operators and others who work in the public safety field can see and experience traumatic situations. When that happens, a team of chaplains is available to assist the law enforcement professional. This week, members of the St. Louis County Sheriff's Chaplain Association attended a special training.

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Mercy is easy, justice is the challenge

Author: Dana Kazel on Oct 12 2016

There is a delicate balance between justice and mercy, writes County Attorney Mark Rubin. As a criminal justice system, we are in danger of compromising our unique and necessary role in democracy...

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Everything you need to know about the flu and flu shot

Author: Dana Kazel on Oct 5 2016

Flu shotThe single best way to protect yourself and your family from getting the flu is to receive a flu shot. And yet many people get caught up in myths and skip what can be a life-saving step. Public Health Nurse Supervisor Carrie Gertsema separates the fact from fiction.

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Are you a hunter? Here's how the County is helping you

Author: Dana Kazel on Sep 26 2016

What does a mobile mapping app, ATV ordinance and 900,000 acres of land have in common? County Administrator Kevin Gray explains it's all ways the County is making it easier for hunters to enjoy their time in the woods and on the lakes.

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