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Published on Friday, November 3, 2017

A pie in the face for a good cause


It's not every day you see a colleague take a pie to the face...


No, this wasn't an employee mutiny. Rather it was the grand finale of a great fundraising effort. St. Louis County staff in three departments: Land and Minerals, Planning and Community Development, and Environmental Services came up with a fun idea to raise money for the United Way. They convinced six of their managers to agree to risk getting hit with a pie. They set up a leader board. For every dollar donated, the giver could choose who they most wanted to see plastered with a plate of whipped cream.




And the lucky winner is... Mark Weber, director of the Land and Minerals Department! (We hear that Mark's wife came in and made a $20 donation to ensure he would end up as the winner. How sweet!)


Mark Weber before pie


The other contestants didn't seem to disappointed to have 'lost'. Shown L-R are Jason Meyer, Toni Lonetto, Darren Jablonsky and Dave Yapel. (Not pictured is Barb Hayden.)


relieved other contestants


As for who would get to throw the pie, Mark picked a name from all those who had donated.


choosing who will throw the pie


As thanks for being such a good sport, Mark did receive a real pie to enjoy later. He even got to pick the flavor - strawberry rhubarb. (No word on if he'll be topping it with whipped cream, or if he's had enough of that to last him awhile.)


gift pie for being a good sport


At last it was time. Kim Seguin was the employee picked to do the honors. There seemed to be a little bit of stalling taking place. We're not sure if Mark put on his glasses to serve as safety goggles, or if he was making a last minute plea "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses?"


would you hit a guy with glasses


Kim gave him enough time to put the glasses back in his shirt pocket. And then the moment all had been waiting for...


pie impact

pie after shot


Thank you to Mark and to all involved for their willingness to contribute. But here's the most important part. This fun contest raised $665 for the United Way! 


United Way check


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Author: Dana Kazel

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