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Published on Friday, October 21, 2016

Training for Chaplains who serve law enforcement

ChaplainsIn the course of their work, Sheriff's deputies, 911 operators and others who work in the public safety field can see and experience traumatic situations. When that happens, a team of chaplains is available to assist the law enforcement professional.


This week, members of the St. Louis County Sheriff's Chaplain's Association attended a special training in Bettendorf, IA sharpening their Chaplaincy skills. This dedicated team serves all law enforcement agencies within St. Louis County.


The list of topics covered provides an interesting look at the compexity of their  jobs, as well as of the people they serve:

  • Real life enrichment presentation from 9-1-1 Dispatch on the stress they deal with as part of their job and how Chaplains can work together with Dispatch.
  • How to handle and reduce stress in the Chaplains own lives.
  • Dynamics and problems that a Law Enforcement Family my face.
  • Useful training in the area of Substance Abuse for Chaplains, the agencies we serve as well as their officers and the Substance Abuse issues they may face in their work.
  • Crisis negotiation along with verbal defense and influence.
  • Suicide prevention and response.
  • Current terroristic threats.
  • Responding to a crisis.
  • Setting up ceremonies and events that may include Chaplains.


Blessed are the peacemakers. Blessed, too, are those who serve them.

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Author: Dana Kazel

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