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Roads and Bridges

Constructing and Building Quality Roads & Bridges 

The St. Louis County Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of over 3,000 miles of County-State Aid Highways (CSAH), County Roads, and Unorganized Township Roads.

   Total Miles      Miles of Paved Road      Miles of Gravel Road 
 CSAH Roads  1,380  1,107  273
 County Roads  1,295  277  1,018
 Unorganized Township Roads   329  74  255
 Total Miles  3,004 1,458 1,546 

Public Works also oversees approximately 600 state recognized bridges over 10 feet in length along with 300 bridge structures under 10 feet in length. This oversight consists of the annual safety inspection of these structures, the construction of new bridges each year, the design of those new bridges, and the surveying requirements that go along with each project.

Each year, Public Works constructs several new bridges to replace deficient structures in the system. The bridge replacement projects fall into two categories, those that are built under contract and those constructed by Public Works bridge crews. Public Works has two bridge crews that are responsible for the maintenance and repair work on county bridges. They also construct several bridges each year as part of the construction program.

Safety inspection and bridge system management is the number one priority of the Bridge Department. All bridges over 10 feet are inspected on a 12 or 24 months inspection frequency. This requires that approximately 375-450 bridges are inspected per year. The bridges are spread throughout the entire county. Bridges have an in-depth inspection done regularly (every 5 years) to find problems that are not normally detected in a routine inspection

  • Road & Bridge Construction:  Road and bridge construction projects are happening all over St. Louis County. Find out which roads are under construction by going to the Road Construction Interactive Map page.