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Road & Bridge Maintenance

Brian Boder, Maintenance Engineer

4787 Midway Road
Duluth, MN  55811

  • County and Township Road Specifications
    What road specifications have to be met to bring a private road up to County or Township standards?
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  • Dust Control: What criteria is used for dispensing Calcium Chloride on County and/or Unorganized Township roads for dust control?
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  • Grading: What criteria is used to determine when a County road will get graded?
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  • Mailbox Policy:  What is the policy in St. Louis Couny regarding mailbox placement, support design, and replacement of damaged mailboxes during snowplow operations?
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  • Maintenance Districts: The Maintenance Districts strive to maintain and inspect road and bridge conditions for safe driving.

    4th Maintenance District 6th Maintenance District

    Bridge Maintenance

    5th Maintenance District 7th Maintenance District  
  • Snow Plowing: What criteria is used to determine when a County, Township, or private road/driveway will get snowplowed?
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