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The St. Louis County Public Works Department is responsible for the removal of snow and ice from county roads, as well as some township roads and city streets based on interagency agreements. Snow removal performance can be affected by a variety of factors such as intensity and the duration of the snow event, temperature, wind and moisture content of the snow.

The goal of Public Works is to restore all county maintained roads to a passable condition within the shortest time possible after a snow event. To accomplish this, the department completes its snow removal process in accordance with the St. Louis County Public Works Department Snow Removal Policy. In general, the Public Works Department will not call-out or hold-over employees until there is an accumulation of 2 inches of snow on paved roads and 4 inches of snow on gravel roads. Roads serving higher average daily traffic (ADT) are given priority over lower ADT roads.

Please remember these important safety tips while driving in the winter:
• Slow down and stay behind snowplows. Drivers should allow at least five car lengths between themselves and the snowplows; the road behind the snowplow will be the safest place on the road.
• Drivers should always be vigilant of black ice conditions on road surfaces such as bridge decks and entrance/exit ramps.
• Turn on your headlights and turn off the cruise control as road surfaces may be slippery
• Plan ahead to allow extra time to arrive at your destination

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Townships or private road associations that request St. Louis County to snow plow their roads must meet the minimum roadway standards listed on the snow plowing application.

Click here to view Private Driveway Plowing Terms & Conditions

Click here to view Road Association Plowing Terms & Conditions. 

If you have further questions related to the requirements call 218-625-3800

Apply for Snowplowing:

Snowplowing of private driveways and road association roads will only be provided during regular hours and after completion of all County and Township roads.  Service will not be provided during spring road restrictions when damage to equipment and the private roadways are imminent.

Private Driveway Snowplow Application Instructions Road Association Snowplow Application Instructions

All applications should be turned in to the Public Works Department no later than October 1st.  There will be a late fee added to applications received by the Public Works Department after October 1st.

If you wish to be added to our snowplow application mailing list, please complete the following form. Snowplow applications are only accepted for each season between August 1 through October 1. If you were a participant in our snowplowing program the previous season, you are already on this mailing list. Further questions about snowplow applications can be answered by calling
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