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The St. Louis County Public Works Department has been directed through Subdivision Ordinance Number 60 to establish the required standards for roadways in plats and subdivisions. The purpose of these roadway standards is to provide minimum standards for the design and construction of new roads open to public travel. These standards support traffic operations and traffic safety, ensure access by emergency and other service vehicles, and ensure the road can be maintained. Other local road authorities, private road associations and private drive owners are encouraged to use these roadway standards in the design and construction of their roads. The use of these roadway standards in no way implies that St. Louis County or another local road authority will maintain the road.

Click here to access the St. Louis County Public Works Department Policy for Roadway Standards in Plats and Subdivisions.

Townships or private road associations that request St. Louis County to snow plow their roads must meet the minimum roadway standards listed on the snow plowing application. To learn more about our snow plowing services and standards click here.

Questions about roadway standards can be directed to a Professional Engineer (P.E.) at the St. Louis County Public Works Engineering Office by calling 218-625-3830.