TRANSPORTATIONFreight-Passenger Rail   

Freight and Passenger Rail

Ensuring Safe Rails for Freight and Passenger Rail 

St. Louis County is participating in rail transportation initiatives that enforce rail safety regulations, plan trails, manage transportation policy, provide technical assistance, and support rail transportation activities.

Duluth to Minneapolis Passenger Rail  

Passenger Rail Duluth to Minneapolis  
Federal, state, and local community leaders in Minnesota and Wisconsin are working to bring high-speed passenger rail service back to Duluth with a rail line between the Twin Ports and Twin Cities, known as the Northern Lights Express and will provide passenger rail connection between the two largest population centers in Minnesota.

St.. Louis County Union Depot PlanningSt. Louis County Union Depot Planning
St. Louis County has undertaken a site and master plan to prepare the historic St. Louis County Union Depot for the return of passenger rail service and maximize the benefits of this new service for the surrounding blocks and districts in downtown Duluth. Learn more about Union Depot Planning...

Northern Light ExpressMinneapolis-Duluth/Superior Passenger Rail Alliance- Northern Lights Express
This joint powers board is developed to explore options for renewing passenger rail service in the 155 mile corridor between Duluth and Minneapolis. A Joint Powers Agreement is between Hennepin County, St. Louis and Lake County Regional Rail Authority, Anoka County, City of Minneapolis, City of Duluth, Isanti County, Pine County and Douglas County. Associated with the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. Learn more about Minneapolis-Duluth/Superior Passenger Rail Alliance...


St. Louis and Lake County Rail Authority  

St. Louis and Lake County Rail Authority
The Rail Road Authority began in 1985 and is tasked with preserving, planning, and managing rail transportation opportunities for future transportation purposes. Learn more about St. Louis and Lake County Rail Authority...


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