Wade Backstrom Office Administrator Mark Stodghill Projects and Initiatives Coordinator Duluth Courthouse Office: Yvonne Kalin,Supervisor Betty Christenson Alaisa Knowlton Rachel Lambert Diane Lundberg Corrie O’Neill Sue Peterson Tiffany Peterson Angel Ricker Teresa White Cynthia Zuk Duluth Government Services Office: Mary Fruehauf,Supervisor Jackie Calvert Diane Eck Laura Picconatto Janessa Runquist Tianna Zembo Virginia Office: Veronica Ratliff,Supervisor Alaina Denny Patti Everson Julie Larson Candy Nelson Tammy Scorich Hibbing Office: Veronica Ratliff,Supervisor Char Meinzer Marla Padgett RachaelTurk Administration Office Administrator Wade Backstrom leads an accomplished 27-member group of legal assistants and staff who are multi-skilled in handling files involving criminal, civil, juvenile, family, and probate matters from the time they are referred to the office until the file is closed. Wade is responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive range of administrative duties in support of the mission of the office. Principal among these duties is preparation and execution of the Attorney’s Office $7.5 million annual budget. Three supervisors -- Mary Fruehauf, Yvonne Kalin, and Veronica Ratliff -- supervise experienced clerical teams in Duluth, Hibbing and Virginia, and are responsible for the maintenance of the case management system of the office. The county attorney’s office is moving toward a paperless filing system, which has led to the clerical staff becoming familiar with a variety of software applications. On a daily basis, the legal assistants reproduce electronic evidence from various business surveillance cameras, as well as law enforcement body cameras. The majority of cases are referred to the office from law enforcement through an electronic file management system. The clerical supervisors prepare a multitude of statistical reports for office use -- reporting on the number of cases referred, cases charged, crime types, and trends in drug and domestic cases. They also prepare mandatory monthly and annual reports for St. Louis County Administration, the County Board, State of Minnesota and the United States. Initiatives County Attorney Mark Rubin continued to take the initiative to build relationships between his office and other community leaders in several ways. Since taking office Rubin has hosted a number of what he refers to as “Community Conversation Circles,” in which he meets with the leaders of other organizations with the goal of increasing trust and fostering connections between people who desire a partnership in building a safer community, “where all have a voice at the Table of Justice,” Rubin said. The Community Conversation Circles September meeting included members representing the Indigenous Commission, Damiano Center, Range Mental Health Center, Men as Peacemakers, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Life House, the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and Access North. At the start of the school year, Mark and members of his staff hosted a meeting with Independent School District 709 school officials, St. Louis County social workers, police and District Judge Eric Hylden to prepare for the second year of the Student Advisory Review Board (SARB.) SARB is a collaboration between the south St. Louis County schools, St. Louis County Attorney’s Office, St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services, Lutheran Social Services, Arrowhead Regional Corrections, Men as Peacemakers, Duluth Police Department, Sixth District Court Administration and other local service providers. The goal of SARB is to work with the schools to quickly identify children who have school attendance issues, to intervene at an early stage to prevent further truancy problems and to engage the student and family in services and supports to promote academic success. Referrals to the Juvenile Court may be made if diversion efforts prove to be unsuccessful. AdministrationandInitiatives ADMINISTRATION AND INITIATIVES 2016 ST. LOUIS COUNTY ATTORNEY’S ANNUAL REPORT 8