CriminalDivision/IronRange Assistant St. Louis County Attorney Michelle Anderson became the office’s first division head on the Iron Range in 2016. Mark Rubin determined that the implementation of such a position was a means to best serve and support county agencies and entities north of Cotton. Regular communication among division heads in the county attorney’s office promotes consistent treatment of our constituents while respecting unique issues facing the rural areas served. Prosecutors recognize that the best way to achieve offender accountability is through new and ongoing partnerships with criminal justice stakeholders. Prosecutors are involved in several multi-disciplinary teams. Those teams include the Sexual Assault Response Team of Northern St. Louis County and the Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence team. In 2016, prosecutors and victim witness staff worked closely with local advocacy programs to connect survivors of sexual and domestic violence to services early in the criminal justice process. A division goal is to continue to find avenues to better serve victims of crime in northern St. Louis County. Community safety is a goal of the prosecutors, who also serve their communities by sitting on non- profit boards and participating in civic organizations. A goal of the Iron Range prosecutors is to promote transparency by participating in community awareness meetings, where they provide support to law enforcement agencies across the Iron Range. Prosecutors and leaders in the law enforcement community meet quarterly to discuss the work that is being done in the criminal justice system. In 2016, prosecutors coordinated training for local law enforcement, nurses, and cadets. Training included topics such as collection of evidence, testifying in court, search and seizure, and new laws. Domestic assault and drug crimes continue to account for the greatest number of crimes referred for prosecution. The Iron Range has seen an increase in heroin and opioid use, abuse, and overdoses. Methamphetamine continues to plague the Iron Range communities. Through investigative efforts of the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force, and the successful prosecutions that followed, significant amounts of illicit drugs have been taken off the streets. In addition, firearms have been removed from the hands of those prohibited from having them. Prosecutors participate in the Range Treatment Court. In 2016, the court celebrated its 10-year anniversary. A goal of the division is to continue to participate in local efforts to find ways to lessen the impact of drugs in our communities through partnership, education, prevention, intervention, and aggressive prosecution of dealers. The division closed four homicide cases in 2016 and early 2017, leading to significant sentences for the convicted. Victim/WitnessDivision The goals of the Victim-Witness Services Division of the County Attorney’s Office are to help ease the physical, emotional, and financial hardships caused by criminal victimization and to reduce the confusion and inconvenience that may be caused by involvement in the criminal justice system by providing comprehensive services to victims of and witnesses to crime. Patty Wheeler supervises the five-member staff that works out of the St. Louis County Courthouses in Duluth, Hibbing and Virginia, as well as the Government Services Center in Duluth. QUESTIONS & CONCERNS If you do not understand your rights or have questions or concerns, please call one of the numbers to the left and someone will help you. CRIMINAL DIVISION Michelle Anderson Criminal Division Head – Range Virgina Office: Sharon Chadwick Karl Sundquist BonnieThayer Hibbing Office: Stacey Sundquist Jeff Vlatkovich 7 WWW.STLOUISCOUNTYMN.GOV/COUNTYATTORNEY