Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12Wade Backstrom Office Administrator Mark Stodghill Projects and Initiatives Coordinator Duluth Courthouse Office Yvonne Kalin Supervisor Betty Christenson Teresa Harries Rachel Lambert Diane Lundberg Corrie ONeill Sue Peterson Tiffany Peterson Angel Ricker Teresa White Cynthia Zuk Duluth Government Services Office Mary Fruehauf Supervisor Jackie Calvert Diane Eck Laura Picconatto Tianna Zembo Virginia Office Veronica Ratliff Supervisor Alaina Denny Patti Everson Candy Nelson Tammy Sunsdahl Hibbing Office Veronica Ratliff Supervisor Alaina Denny Char Meinzer Rachael Turk Administration Wade Backstrom leads the 26-member administrative division of the St. Louis County Attorneys Office and is responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive range of administrative duties in support of the offices mission. Principal among these duties is the preparation and execution of the Attorneys Office 7 million annual budget human resource management and technology systems and information management. Three supervisors lead highly skilled clerical teams in four locations and are responsible for the maintenance of our case management system. They also lead the system administrators group of the North East Minnesota Enforcement Safety Information System NEMESIS which consists of St. Louis Carlton Cook Lake and Koochiching counties. INITIATIVES Youth held accountable but get second chance Neuroscientists say that the critical parts of the brain involved in decision-making are not fully finished developing until about age 25. Yet mistakes in judgment and impulse control can lead teenagers to a youthful indiscretion that can follow and haunt them into adulthood negatively affecting employment and educational opportunities. The St. Louis County Attorneys Office continues to work so that youthful mistakes made by kids charged with certain less serious crimes and first-time offenses do not taint their futures. Giving juveniles a second chance led to the development of the Youth Accountability Program. The program recognizes that for most juvenile offenders contact with the criminal justice system is infrequent and usually for less serious offenses. Consequently the program seeks to provide a reasonable alternative to the formal and traditional justice system -- thereby reducing costs and caseload burdens on the courts prosecutors defense attorneys and probation officers -- while emphasizing restorative justice minimizing recidivism and promoting the payment of restitution to crime victims. Ultimately the mission of the Youth Accountability Program is to provide a constructive alternative to formal prosecution by encouraging teen offenders to learn from their mistakes and to take responsibility for their actions without the need for court involvement. Juveniles who complete the program requirements within three months of signing the agreement to participate are deemed to have successfully completed the program and charges are not filed with the court. Truancy Diversion Program teaches lesson before court An introduction to the St. Louis County Attorneys Offices Truancy Referral Program was presented by County Attorney Mark Rubin and members of his staff at a breakfast at the Radisson on August 27. About 40 school officials and other professionals who work with students attended. Rubin told the attendees that his office would partner with school officials to make sure that kids are in school and when they are not they should be quickly identified so they can be worked with before they have to go to court. The Truancy Diversion Program is designed to promote the childs successful attendance at school and avoid further action such as a referral to Juvenile Court. An effort is made to engage the family to determine what is keeping the child from going to school and identify and address the problem whether it be mental health issues violence in the home enabling parents or something else. Administration and Initiatives 8 ADMINISTRATION AND INITIATIVES 2015 ST. LOUIS COUNTY ATTORNEYS ANNUAL REPORT