Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12Civil Division WWW.STLOUISCOUNTYMN.GOVCOUNTYATTORNEY While the work of the Civil Division of the County Attorneys Office occurs largely behind the scenes the effects of the work serve to improve the quality of life in St. Louis County by ensuring that administrative and departmental practices are well-reasoned based upon thorough legal analysis and beneficial to both the county and its citizens said Kim Maki the Assistant St. Louis County Attorney who heads the division. One of the largest projects undertaken by the Civil Division in 2015 was providing legal counsel regarding the sale of over 250 lakeshore lots to longtime leaseholders.This benefitted the county and its citizens by allowing the leaseholders to secure ownership of their properties while returning the properties to taxable status. Another significant project was the governmental oversight of a large wetland bank development which when built will allow for increased economic development in the county. A third significant and important project was an update of the countys Purchasing Rules and Regulations which ensured that the countys procurement practices are in compliance with state and federal regulations unbiased in nature and aimed at getting the best goods and services for the countys dollars. Although large projects comprise a considerable amount of the Civil Divisions workload most of the attorneys time is devoted to the daily interaction with county departments. For example in 2015 the Civil Division worked with the Environmental Services and Planning and Zoning Departments to protect and preserve the natural environment by successfully enforcing the countys Septic Solid Waste and Zoning Ordinances. Additionally the Civil Division promoted public safety by providing legal advice and services to both the County Sheriffs Office and Arrowhead Regional Corrections as well as handling forfeitures of vehicles by repeat drunk drivers firearms by violent offenders and illegal profits and other resources by drug dealers. The Civil Division also provided legal advice and services to the Land and Minerals and Public Works Departments ensuring effective management of public lands roads and bridges under the countys jurisdiction. Furthermore the Civil Division provided counsel to County Administration and the Auditors Office to help ensure that the county government was being operated in an efficient legally sound and fiscally prudent manner. In addition the Civil Division fields general inquiries from the public regarding issues ranging from data requests to property questions. The Civil Division also reviews nearly every contract that is entered by the county this past year the county entered over 700 contracts in furtherance of its business and operations. Finally the Civil Division handles all civil claims and litigation brought by and against the county. In 2015 the Civil Division resolved several cases in a manner that was fair to claimants but also advantageous to the county. As mentioned earlier most of the Civil Divisions work is behind the scenes. The aim is to do the work in a manner that ensures the county operates smoothly. In doing so the division strives to create an open organized and responsive county government which in turn promotes a good quality of life in St. Louis County. The Civil Division staff is very hard working and competent Maki said. I think a hallmark of the Civil Division attorneys is that we are very thoughtful in the work that we do and the advice that we give. The people that we have working for us are eminently equipped to handle diverse questions and issues that come up. 7 CIVIL DIVISION Kim Maki Civil Division Head Duluth Office Nick Campanario Jim Nephew Nora Sandstad Thomas Stanley Timothy Tysdal