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Civil Division WWW.STLOUISCOUNTYMN.GOVCOUNTYATTORNEY Minnesota Statutes provide that the county attorney shall appear in all cases in which the county is a party and further shall give opinions and advice upon all matters in which the county is or may be interested.As one might imagine this statutory edict makes for a substantial and varied workload for the Civil Division of the county attorneys office. Kim Maki leads the civil division which is responsible for advising county administration and all county departments regarding county business and governance issues. Division attorneys are assigned to the various county departments and develop expertise corresponding to the work of their assigned departments.The division also provides legal services to Arrowhead Regional Corrections ARC. The civil division attorneys are currently providing representation relative to major county projects that will likely come to fruition in 2015.The largest project is the countys consideration of a private partys request to develop a wetland bank near the Sax-Zim Bog area.The first phase of the development required the exchange of thousands of acres of tax-forfeited land in and near the bog for valuable forestry land located elsewhere.The land exchange was finalized in late 2014 and another smaller-scale land exchange will likely occur in 2015.The second and third phases of the development are the consideration of ditch abandonment and repair petitions and a wetland bank application.These phases will likely be completed in the first half of 2015. Ongoing monitoring of the wetland bank will continue for years to come.All told this project has involved over half of the civil division staff and leadership from the Land and Minerals Public Works and Planning and Community Development Departments and the Auditors and Assessors Offices as well as staff from the Board of Water and Soil Resources and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Another major project facing the county in 2015 is the sale of over 275 lakeshore lease lots.With the goal of returning these tax-forfeited lands to the tax rolls these lots were identified surveyed and appraised in 2014 and the first of many sales will occur in upcoming months.The civil divi- sion worked primarily with the Land and Minerals Department in preparing these lands for sale. The Planning and Community Development Department is proposing a new county zoning ordinance in 2015 so the civil division will be instrumental in the review revision enactment and implementation of the new zoning ordinance.Additionally the countys recently-enacted septic ordinance will be the subject of significant enforcement activities by the civil division in upcoming years. In addition to the major projects the county will be undertaking andor seeing to completion this year members of the civil division will continue to perform their daily tasks. Looking to the future the division will continue providing thoughtful well-reasoned and timely legal advice and work product to facilitate efficient county operation. 7 CIVIL DIVISION Kim Maki Civil Division Head Duluth Office Nick Campanario Jim Nephew Nora Sandstad Thomas Stanley Timothy Tysdal