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ST. LOUIS COUNTY ATTORNEY Four years ago I told the good people of St. Louis County that my record was my promise. I asked to be elected not only on what I said I would do but because of what I had already done -- my record. I have been blessed to work with an amazing group of dedicated attorneys and support staff. Together we have done some excellent work on behalf of our fellow citizens. We are not done. I am a believer in seeing things through. In the words of President Abraham Lincoln we have unfinished work to do. Our County Board Administration and Departments will continue to receive the highest quality in-house legal advice. We will continue to share the state-wide leadership to address the scourge of sex trafficking and work with First Witness Child Advocacy Center to protect our children from physical and sexual abuse. We will help churches and organizations do a better job in the reporting of abuse. Through our work with the dedicated Public Health and Human Services PHHS workers neglected mistreated vulnerable children will continue to have fierce advocates. Working with our partners in law enforcement and the U.S. Attorneys Office criminals and drug dealers will be held accountable. Our fair handling of cases will also reflect our appreciation of the reality of addictions and unmet mental health needs as we build on the success of Drug DWI and Mental Health specialty courts. We will continue our leadership and collaboration with our regional county and municipal attorneys and the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project DAIP on the issue of domestic violence. Our partnerships with the Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault PAVSA and the Range Sexual Assault Program will continue to be critical in addressing the crime of sexual assault. I have tried to engage our citizens through community conversations Compstat the sharing of the polices compilation of computer statistics on crime and our western neighborhoods initiative. We are building relationships based on trust honesty and understanding. Along these lines I will continue to offer training to our local media representatives though our short course on criminal procedure. Our Juvenile Youth Accountability Program is a success. Working with Men as Peacemakers we are meaningfully diverting low level offenders completely out of the criminal justice system allowing us to focus resources on more serious juvenile offenders. We are doing a much better job on investigating and prosecuting those who obtain public assistance by fraud. We will build on our success. And in everything we do we continue to ensure that racial equity and fairness is self-evident in all of our actions. Our shared leadership in the American Bar Association recognized Racial Justice Improvement Project addressing racial disparity in pre-trial detention has already made a positive difference. My record our record continues to be my promise. I am honored to serve as your St. Louis County Attorney. Letter from St. Louis County Attorney Mark S. Rubin Dedicated here to the unfinished work . WWW.STLOUISCOUNTYMN.GOVCOUNTYATTORNEY 3 Board of County Commissioners 1st District Frank Jewell 2nd District Patrick Boyle 3rd District Chris Dahlberg 4th District Tom Rukavina 5th District Pete Stauber 6th District Keith Nelson 7th District Steve Raukar Mark Rubin St. Louis County Attorney ON FRONT COVER The photograph on the cover of annual report was taken when St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin and other county and city leaders announced that the Duluth Models Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence -- a partnership between Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs DAIP and criminal justice agencies in St. Louis County and the city of Duluth -- received the 2014 International Future Policy Gold Award for Ending Violence against Women and Girls. The award was presented by the World Future Coun- cil the Inter-Parliamentary Union and UN Women for the Duluth Models work in prioritizing safety and autonomy of survivors while holding perpetra- tors accountable through community-wide coor- dinated response including a unique partnership between non-profit and government agencies.