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In accordance with Minnesota State Statute 390.005, each county must have a coroner or medical examiner.  A coroner may be elected or appointed in each county.  A medical examiner must be appointed by the county board. The term of an appointed coroner or medical examiner must not be longer than four years.

The medical examiner must be a forensic pathologist who is certified or eligible for certification by the American Board of Pathology.  The medical examiner is a appointed public official in a system of death investigation in which the administrative control, the determination of the extent of the examination, need for autopsy, and the filing of the cause and manner of death information with the state registrar are all under the control of the medical examiner.

Prior to 1975, St. Louis County had a "Coroner" system. 

 Medical Examiners 

 2000 to 2012    Dr. Thomas Uncini
 1987 to 1999    Dr. Donald Kundel
 1976 to 1986    Dr. Volker Goldschmidt


1955 to 1975    Dr. Cyril M. Smith
1939 to 1954    Dr. J. W. Ekblad
1912 to 1938    Dr. Charles F. McComb
1905 to 1911    Dr. John A. McCuen
1901 to 1904    Dr. Samuel H. Boyer
1891 to 1900    Dr. J. J. Eklund
1888 to 1891    Dr. Charles F. McComb
1886 to 1887    Dr. Charles H. Graff
1882 to 1885    Samuel J. Thompson