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Jails Past and Present

A Historical View of Jail Operations  

1995 Jail

1923 Jail

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1995 Jail

1923 Jail

1890 Jail


St. Louis County provides a safe, secure and professionally operated Jail.  The Sheriff and Jail Administrator oversee a 197 bed jail in Duluth as well as two 72 hour lockup facilities on the Range.  The Hibbing lockup can accommodate 8 inmates and the Virginia lockup can hold 12 inmates.  These facilities consistently exceed Department of Corrections requirements and attempt to meet the growing needs of the State Court, Department of Corrections, Public Defender's Office, County Attorney's Office and other area stakeholders.

In addition, the St. Louis County Jail provides a safe, secure and clean facility for the citizens of St. Louis County. The St. Louis County Jail is an integral part of the criminal justice system; they cooperate with other agencies, share training resources, promote mutual respect and welcome community involvement. 

Current Jail Facility 1979 Jail Population 1941 Prisoner Cost 1923 Jail 1907 Jail Interior Photos 1898 County Jail 1891 Prisoner Boarding 1890 Jail 1889 Jail Stats Pre-1890 Information 1888 Expenses Construction Overview

About the St. Louis County Jail:

  • Located on 26 acres between Arrowhead and Swan Lake Roads in Duluth, MN
  • Has been in operation since 1995
  • Designed to house up to 192 pretrial and sentenced inmates
  • Operates under the Direct Supervision Management Principle—whereby an officer is in the housing unit with inmates at all times, supervising the detainees. 
  • The jail is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  • Responsible for the processing of all prisoners.  This includes and is not limited to booking, fingerprinting, photographing,  feeding,  issuing clothing and personal items and physically monitoring the prisoner while they are in our facility. The St. Louis County Corrections Officers use an automated fingerprinting system that provides an effective way of capturing a person's fingerprints, without the use of ink.

Virginia and Hibbing Lock ups:

The jail division is also responsible for operating the Virginia and Hibbing Lock ups which are Class I Jails used to confine prisoners for up to 72 hours excluding weekends and holidays. 

  • The Virginia lock-up is a 12 bed, 72-hour holding facility. 
  • The Hibbing lock-up is an 8-bed, 72-hour holding facility. 
  • Both of these facilities are located in the respective courthouses.

The Jail is dedicated to the concept of Direct Supervision and adhere to the following principles:

  • The safety of public, staff and inmates is paramount.
  • They recognize that their staff is their greatest resource and assist them in attaining a successful and rewarding career.
  • The provide training that is beneficial to their staff and those interested in the field of corrections.
  • They create an atmosphere that encourages positive behavior and the integration of responsible individuals who are returning to the community.
  • All persons are held accountable for their behavior.
  • They are committed to the preservation of basic human rights and the dignity of public, staff and inmates.
  • They operate in a fiscally responsible manner and are ever mindful of the needs of the citizens of St. Louis County.
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