Inmate Locations

St. Louis County Jail inmates are subject to being transferred to another jail to alleviate housing overcrowding. Jail transfers are not done for disciplinary reasons. 

Inmates may be housed at:

 St. Louis County Jail - Duluth
 Virginia lock up
 Hibbing lock up
 Aitkin County Jail
 Lake County Jail
 Pine County Jail

Inmates must follow the rules of the facility where they are housed.

Correspondence Programs

Inmate Correspondence

Inmates are allowed to write and receive correspondence.  Rules of the St. Louis County Jail are as follows:

  • Incoming Mail:
    • No limit on the volume of lawful letters an inmate may receive.
    • Unlawful mail includes, but is not limited to, that which is liblous, obscene or contains contraband.
    • Periodical, newspapers and packages are not permitted.
    • All incoming mail must be processed and delivered by U.S. Postal Service.
    • Mail will be delivered as soon as inspected.
    • All incoming non-legal mail will be opened by Jail staff and inspected for contraband and money. All money will be placed in the inmate's account.
    • Incoming legal mail may be opened and inspected in front of the receiving inmate but will not be read or censored.
    • Mail addressed to an inmate who has been transferred or released shall be forwarded to the address provided by the inmate or returned to sender.

  • Photographs:
    • Must be standard size. Polaroids and over-sized photos will be placed into the inmate's property and must remain there until the inmate's release. 
    • Only six (6) photos per incoming letter will be forwarded to inmate. If a letter contains more than six, the excess will be placed into the inmate's property and must remain there until the inmate's release.
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