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Skills Needed for the Rescue Squad

Rescue Squad members are required to certify to at least the Minnesota First Responder level. However, advanced certifications, including EMT, Paramedic, and RN are welcomed.

Squad members must also demonstrate proficiency on squad equipment, including boats, all terrain vehicles (ATV's), radios, GPS receivers, and other gear.

The Rescue Squad has a number of members who are trained in specialized skills. These are tasks which require training above and beyond the basic search and rescue skills such as first aid, cross country navigation, wilderness survival, emergency driving, and small boat handling.

These skills include: 

  • Helicopter Rappel Team
  • Human Trackers
  • K-9 Teams
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
Helicopter Rappel Human Trackers K-9 ROV

Looking for Signs

The Rescue Squad fields 24 certified human trackers, trained to detect and follow human sign on the ground.

Human tracking is the act - some say the art - of recognizing, interpreting, and following the evidence of human passage on the ground.  This evidence can consist of compressed soil, damaged vegetation, etc.

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