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Interesting Situations

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Rescue squad members searching the woodsEvery year a small segment of the population find themselves in difficult situations. People go missing, become lost or disoriented, not prepared for the weather, etc. The volunteers on the Rescue Squad are there to help locate them. Sometimes the story has a tragic ending. Sometimes the situation is unique with a twist and there is a happy ending.  And sometimes, just sometimes...the search takes much longer because of the actions of the lost person in deliberately not wanting to be located.  Through it all, Rescue Squad volunteers continue to respond.

  • Ghost Hunting: “Occasionally, missing subjects – due to ego, fear of being charged for the rescue, stupidity, whatever – will avoid searchers in order for “find their own way out”. Through the overnight hours of November 18, 1986, a 50 year old male dodged four search teams and crossed two major roads to avoid being “found”, finally coming out at the Clover Valley General Store. He attempted to sneak away without telling anyone – he’d have left us searching for ghosts!”

  • Potatoes Galore: On August 14, 1974, the Rescue Squad responded to the report of a missing 69 year old woman in the Floodwood area. After a short search, she was found…trapped inside the potato bin in her basement!  She’d accidentally been pulled inside while reaching for potatoes for supper and the door slammed shut behind her. She calmly sat atop a pile of spuds, patiently waiting for someone to come and let her out!

  • Three Missing/Seven Found: On one fall evening, the Rescue Squad searched for three, and found seven! There were two missing parties in the same patch of woods – one reported missing; the other not!














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