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A History of Saving Lives

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Rescue Squad members receive absolutely NO compensation for the hours they volunteer.

To effectively serve a 7000 square mile county (roughly the size of New Jersey), the Rescue Squad operates two regional headquarters: a Duluth office or "South Squad" and a Cook office or "North Squad".

The South Squad meets every Thursday beginning at 7:30 p.m. while the North Squad meets every Monday at 7:00 p.m. in Cook. Operational needs often require that the members of one office respond to the other's calls and for both offices to frequently work together on "joint" operations.

History 1970 Expansion
In 1968 Sheriff Greg Sertich stated he would like to see the Rescue Squad expanded to include a detachment on the Iron Range, possibly based in Virginia, to provide the same rescue squad service which was available in Duluth to residents of northern areas of St. Louis County.

In 1970 the swearing-in of the Charter Members for the Range detachment of the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Rescue Unit was held at the Cook Village Hall.

This group would supplement the thirty-man squad which was based in Duluth and brought the squad up to its maximum authorized strength of forty-five men. 

The Rescue Squad was headed by Captain Ken Slatten.  Officers of the newly formed group were:

  • 1st Lieutenant in charge of Range detachment Robert Carver
  • 2nd Lieutenant Frank Hyppa
  • 2nd Lieutenant Donald Price
  • John Amundson
  • Melvin Bakk
  • Donald Barnes
  • John Bergman
  • Arnie Johnson
  • Kenneth Leding
  • Paul Richardson
  • Dennis Rinne
  • Donald Simonson
  • Dexter Straw
  • Associate member David Angler
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