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Public Safety

Protecting and Serving in Emergency Situations


 K-9 Monte in squad  Deputy Sheriff Brandon Silgjord in squad car

St. Louis County Law Enforcement provides law enforcement services to the citizens of St. Louis County. 

  • Administration: Responsible for management, planning, budgeting for the Sheriff's Agencies as well as records management for the entire Sheriff's Office.  Training, new employee recruiting and background investigations also fall under this category.

    Administration Records Training

  • Boat and Water: Responsible for buoying and boat and water enforcement, including training and accident response. Learn more about Boat and Water...

  • Emergency Response Team: The ERT Team was formed in 1985.  Primary duties are to respond to situations involving barricaded and dangerous suspects; executing high risk/dangerous arrest or search warrants; crowd or riot control; providing security; and responding to hostage situations. Learn more about the ERT Team...

  • Investigations: The Sheriff's Office maintains three Investigations Divisions: Duluth, Hibbing, and Virginia.  The position of Investigator is a promotional position.  Investigators follow up on leads, interview witnesses, victims, and suspects and work on a wide variety of cases.  Investigators use specialized investigative techniques and assist with the management of the property rooms.

    K-9: Currently there are four K-9 teams at the Sheriff's Office.  K-9 and their handlers are assigned to the Patrol Division and work throughout St. Louis County. St. Louis County is now a member of the AMSOIL Northland Law Enforcement K-9 Foundation.  To donate or learn more about this program click here.

    Crime mapping: The Sheriff offers a crime mapping service that is available to the public through BAIR Analytics' tool, RAIDS Online. RAIDS Online, connects law enforcement with the community to reduce crime and improve public safety. Crime mapping helps the public get a better idea of the crime activity in their area so they can make more informed decisions about how to stay safe. You can filter by type of crime, date range, location, etc.