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Jails Past and Present

A Historical View of Jail Operations  

1995 Jail

1923 Jail

1890 Jail


1995 Jail

1923 Jail

1890 Jail


St. Louis County provides a safe, secure and professionally operated Jail.  The Sheriff and Jail Administrator oversee a 197 bed jail in Duluth as well as two 72 hour lockup facilities on the Range.  The Hibbing lockup can accommodate 8 inmates and the Virginia lockup can hold 12 inmates.  These facilities consistently exceed Department of Corrections requirements and attempt to meet the growing needs of the State Court, Department of Corrections, Public Defender's Office, County Attorney's Office and other area stakeholders.

In addition, the St. Louis County Jail provides a safe, secure and clean facility for the citizens of St. Louis County. The St. Louis County Jail is an integral part of the criminal justice system; they cooperate with other agencies, share training resources, promote mutual respect and welcome community involvement. 

Current Jail Facility 1979 Jail Population 1941 Prisoner Cost 1923 Jail 1907 Jail Interior Photos 1898 County Jail 1891 Prisoner Boarding 1890 Jail 1889 Jail Stats Pre-1890 Information 1888 Expenses Construction Overview
1923 Jail

1923 County Jail under construction

1923 St Louis County Jail

Jail Under Construction

St. Louis County Jail - 1923

The front side of the old jail featured the following granite engraved inscription which ran across the entire 114 foot frieze near the top of the building:

“The great privilege is given to all to develop strength of character, to lead clean and honest lives, to render diligent and worthy service, to help others and to be loyal citizens of the republic and obedient to its laws.”

The county jail was built on 2nd Street in Duluth in 1923.  It was designed by the Duluth firm of Abraham Holstead and William J. Sullivan, and is in the Classical style of gray granite with lions' head motifs.  The jail held prisoners until 1995 when a new jail located at 4334 Haines Road opened.  The jail building on 2nd street was still in use by the St. Louis County Sheriff's Records Division, Investigations Division, Photo Lab and ID Bureau until 2007.



March 4, 1927  -  Mrs. R. N. Marble appeared, and spoke relative to the appointment of a woman deputy sheriff, and the need for a full time matron at the county jail.
     Source:  Official Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners – St. Louis County 1927

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