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Programs: There are various programs and activities available for inmates, unless the inmate is on disciplinary restriction. Religious activities, educational classes, alcohol and drug counseling, AA meetings, individual counseling, vocational assessment, etc. are available.

Program involvement is dependent upon being cooperative and following the rules at all times.

Chaplain: A Facility Chaplain is available to assist inmates with personal problems, issues relating to one's faith, religious services, etc. Access to the Chaplain shall be through the Inmate Request Form procedure.

Library: A Jail library is available in the Program Services Area. Some library materials may be checked out by the inmate to their housing unit. Other materials such as magazines and daily newspapers are restricted to be used only in the Program Services Area.

Radios/Television: Radio and TV are a privilege. TV's are in the housing units and there is access to pre-programmed radio stations in each cell.

Newspapers: Newspapers are a privilege and shall be shared in the housing units.  They are not to be taken into cells.

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